With the DC Universe currently overhauling itself, plenty of artists are serving up their own interpretations of the New 52.

Aaron Diaz of the webcomic Dresden Codak is one of the latest illustrators to throw his hat in the ring. On his Tumblr, he's offered his own interpretations of the Justice League and the Legion of Doom.

You can find the full details on his Justice League roster here. I'm particularly fond of his interpretation of The Flash as a man who's metabolizing himself to death:

While attempting to replicate what he believed to be the origin of Superman's invulnerability, Dr. Ananth Patil accidentally accelerated his own metabolism to a superhuman degree. While he has gained extraordinary abilities in the process, his body has become unstable, requiring him to eat enormous amounts of food simply to stay alive and making regular sleep impossible. He currently seeks out other superhumans, hoping to find a way to cure his condition [...]

The Flash can and move at incredible speeds, well past Mach 10. He has also devised a helmet that compensates for the Doppler blue shift he sees at very high speeds as well as the equivalent for sound with his ear microphones [...]

I wanted a different take on the Flash than what's usually seen, namely someone who saw it more of a curse than a blessing. Ananth is a scientist first, he's more like Hank Pym or Bruce Banner: adventuring is a means to an end. Visually I wanted to give him a build that was more like a sprinter with larger thighs and a leaner overall shape. His outfit is very deliberately designed (by the Flash himself), with an emphasis on comfort and practicality.

And here's Diaz's Legion of Doom. His Huntress redesign is particularly nifty:

I wanted to have one character who rode the line a bit, and the Huntress is a good candidate. While obviously not a real villain, Huntress is to the Secret Society what Power Girl is to the Justice league, at least in that she has ulterior motives. Visually, I wanted someone who took after Batman, so most of what's she's wearing is a more practical version of her regular costume. I'm not a fan of people with secret identities and exposed hair, so I gave her a full mask and cut her hair short to fit. I liked the religious imagery of her original costume but felt hanging crosses were a little too on the nose, so I went with a priest's collar and an overall look that sort of resembles a cardinal.

You can also find his redesign of Starfire's costume here. Hat tip to Kip Russell!