Manga and anime have had a huge impact on western art in general — but they've especially helped to shape fan art. These cool Japanese art styles have helped us to see our favorite Western science fiction and fantasy icons in a whole new way.

Here are some of our favorite manga and anime-influenced pieces of fan art for Doctor Who, Star Trek, Buffy and other great series.

Top image: Doctor Who - Imaginary Friend by Bob Psycho on Deviant Art.

Heta Who by Alikurai on Deviant Art.

Allons-Yyyy by Alikurai on Deviant Art.

In the Shadow of Your Hearts by Carrie Ko on Deviant Art

Artist unknown. Via Pixiv.

Nesting Daleks by RisaChanTag on Deviant Art

The New Doctors by Osmosis 8 on Deviant Art

One Night a Shooting Star by Scrii on Deviant Art

Star Trek TOS Epic by Go-Devil-Daisuke on Deviant Art.

Star Trek TOS Medical by Go-Devil-Daisuke on Deviant Art

Chibi Trek by KotoriK on Deviant Art

Star Wars - Queen Apailana by Famira on Deviant Art

Chewbacca by Uminga on Deviant Art

Galactica the Animated Series by MUDCAT on Deviant Art.

Adama by JetJaquar on Deviant Art

Supernatural - Greedy by Xanseviera

Protecting Something So Holy by Brilcrist on Deviant Art (print available!)

Artist unknown, via Pixiv

Buffy - the SD Chosen by Amy Meberson on Deviant Art

Buffy by NicoleArt on Flickr.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer by UberWekkness on Deviant Art