Remember when James Bond's arch-nemesis Blofeld opened a clinic where he would treat women and help them to stop being allergic to chickens? And while he was teaching women to love chickens, he was also turning them into mass-murderers?

Apparently the people making Nikita do. Last Friday's episode was a great take on the "supervillain opens clinic where people are secretly brainwashed to kill" trope. Sadly, though, nobody was taught to love chickens — just kill state senators, or judges or whatever. The best bit was when Nikita, wearing not at all fake-looking "junkie" makeup, infiltrated the clinic, and sneaked past rows of hapless people with headphones, having their alpha waves reprogrammed.

The clinic turns out to be the work of the evil Dr. Mars, who created a super-soldier drug regimen called Regimen. (He created it for a secret government division, called Division. Which is now under the oversight of an oversight agency, called Oversight. They believe in calling things by their names, on Nikita.)

Anyway, we're excited to see Nikita straying into more science-fictional territory, since this splashy, fast-moving spy series is the best "sexy spy" show since Alias.