WEEKEND ROUNDUP: 10/1-10/2 | The school of the future, complete with whacking robots. Source unknown. (Reddit via Copyranter).

Meet AlphaDog, the terrifying robot horse the military's building

Remember Boston Dynamics' robotic pack mule Big Dog? The researchers have revealed the next generation of their mechanical quadruped, Alphadog. This remote-controlled equine machine is designed to carry 400 lbs of payload on 20-mile treks over uneven terrain. More »

Did the X-ray specs from vintage comic book ads really work? Goodness, no

For his upcoming book Mail-Order Mysteries, author Kirk Demarais assessed dozens of craptacular items you could purchase from the sensationalist comic book ads of yore. More »

33-foot-long dead whale found beached in English field

Here's another weird tale for the Annals of Dead Marine Life Found In Unusual Places. A 33-foot-long dead whale was recently discovered in a marsh half a mile inland near the English village of Skeffling. More »

The Battle of Isengard from Lord of the Rings, depicted in 22,000 LEGO bricks

This LEGO recreation of the battle of the Ents from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers is seven feet tall, has an eight-foot-diameter, contains 22,000 plastic bricks, and weighs 145 pounds. More »

Professor Xavier's Guide To Puberty For Mutants

We know that Xavier's school is a horrendous place to get an education, and if this guide by Caldwell Tanner and Owen Parsons of College Humor is any indicator, it's like all of your middle-school health class nightmares times ten-thousand. More »

Marmosets can meditate (and are immune to the placebo effect)

Scientists have trained monkeys to meditate with marshmallows. This is a gift from both the comedy and the alliteration gods, but it's also a valuable medical technique. Every day monkeys show us new abilities and talents. More »

Join cloth Jean-Luc Picard aboard the felt Enterprise

Let your fingers take a tour of the fuzzy, felt Enterprise with this crafty quiet book, featuring finger puppets of the Star Trek: The Next Generation crew, a detachable saucer section, and a Locutus of Borg paper doll. More »

The Most Fascinating Relationship on Fringe This Year

Until recently, Fringe was all about the relationships among its central trio - Walter, Peter and Olivia. Now, everything's changed, and even the Walter-Olivia relationship is a shadow of its former self. More »

The Earthscraper, a 65-story-tall skyscraper buried under Mexico City

This here's concept art for BNKR Arquitectura's Earthscraper, an inverted skyscraper shoved deep under the surface of Mexico City. Click on the above image to see a massive cross-section. More »

Watch surfers ride neon blue bioluminescent waves caused by red tide

On the beaches of Southern California, a phytoplankton called Lingulodinium polyedrum is responsible for a spate of red tide. Massive algal blooms like this make the water ruddy during the day, but disrupting the microorganisms at night results in bursts of electric blue bioluminescence. More »

On Supernatural, the Leviathans will win your black, goo-covered heart

After Supernatural's terrific season premiere, I think we were all wondering how the Leviathans, our new big bads, could possibly be as good as their origin story was last week. More »

Why This Year's Doctor Who Finale Was (Mostly) Better than Last Year's

Doctor Who has always been about escaping from inescapable traps, and winning miraculous victories against overwhelming odds. But seldom have the odds been more impossible than the ones the Doctor faced throughout the latest season - and yet, the season finale wasn't so much about how the Doctor wins, but the consequences of that victory, for himself and his friends. The hard part isn't winning, it's accepting the price. More »

Frank Miller's Holy Terror isn't just a bad comic - it's a bad propaganda comic

After five or so years of gestation, the graphic novel that was once titled Holy Terror, Batman! is finally in stores. Was it worth the wait? Goodness, no. More »

Koalas use uniquely human-like voice box for giant mating calls

If koalas have any reputation at all, it's as quiet, cute marsupials that spend all their time eating eucalyptus. But male koalas unleash loud, deep yells that sound like the mating call of some massive beast. That's exactly the point. More »

In the pulpy future world of Bunraku, no guns are allowed, but Ron Perlman with dreads is!

Check out five clips from the bizarre movie Bunraku, which looks like it was ripped from the womb of Frank Miller. Plus, the absolutely gorgeous scifi blaxploitation trailer Soul Man and a super-adorable alien janitor! More »