THREE-GALAXY PILE-UP | One of the highlights of the Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies — two galaxies colliding, and a third sidling in, just to create the intergalactic chaos. Read more about it here.

Dream House is two bad movies for the price of one

Dream House is one of those rare movies that proves a work of art can be worse than the sum of its parts. Of course, the parts of Dream House aren't very good to begin with. More »

A 7-year-old girl responds to DC Comics' sexed-up reboot of Starfire

Fantasy author Michele Lee has the most eloquent response so far to DC Comics' "sexed up" version of Starfire, the voluptuous alien member of the Teen Titans. More »

What would really happen if you nuked a volcano?

Internet lore and science fiction tales suggest that dropping a nuclear weapon on an erupting volcano would halt the eruption. But would that really be the case? More »

10 Crazy Science Experiments That Wound Up In Your Kitchen

Comfort food wasn't always the old-fashioned, reliable thing that we consider it now. At one time, many food items that we now wolf down without a thought were once unbelievable breakthroughs in technology, science, or sophistication. More »

After 28 years in prison, man emerges into a terrifying alien world of cellphones and computers

Randall Lee Church didn't believe his fellow inmates when they warned him about culture shock after he got out of prison - he thought they were just jealous. More »

Scientists have discovered one of the world's first true aphrodisiacs

For most of us, the scent of decomposing organic matter is the last thing on our minds when we' the mood. But now scientists have shown that, at least for fruit flies, the smell of ripe and rotting fruit is the ultimate turn-on. More »

Computer model reveals what would happen if humans became immortal

At first glance, the fact that we grow old and die seems like one massive evolutionary mistake. After all, if evolution is all about survival of the fittest, wouldn't the fittest individuals be those that can stay healthy and keep reproducing forever? More »

Why are some antidepressants more expensive than others?

After the doctor has finally diagnosed your problem - whether it's high blood pressure or low serotonin levels - nothing is worse than drug price sticker shock. More »

College professor threatened with criminal charges for Firefly quote

Is this for real? University of Wisconsin-Stout theater professor James Miller put a poster on his office door, showing the likeness of Captain Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds, and one of Mal's many fine quotes from Joss Whedon's Firefly. More »

Scientists attempt to prove that free will is an illusion

Recent research reveals that decisions may have much deeper neurological roots - so deep, in fact, that scientists can observed patterns of brain activity that allow them to predict the outcome of decisions like these long before a person is even conscious of his own decision. More »

Handy Flowchart for Choosing Among NPR's Top 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Books

Now that we officially know the 100 greatest science fiction and fantasy books, according to NPR's fine readers, there's some great reading material waiting for all of us. More »

Stare into the cold, black eyes of a real-life Smurf

What would a real life Smurf look like if it had actually been born out in the woodlands of Belgium? Forget the Smurfs movie - this is the real, fungus-covered creature you would encounter, if the Smurfs lived in our world. More »

Faster-than-light neutrinos could be proof of extra dimensions

The recent announcement that neutrinos had been observed seemingly going faster than the speed of light sent shockwaves through the physics community. More »

What if the mutants of the X-Men were truly mutated?

The X-Men always complain that they're loathed by society, but they never think to stop it's because they're so damned good-looking. And barring a few select team members, the X-Men are more Olympic water polo team pin-up calendar, less genetically quirky superhero squad. More »

10 Ways Steven Spielberg Has Made the World a Better Place

This has been a big year for Steven Spielberg - he's launched two TV shows, including last night's Terra Nova, and produced countless movies. The Spielberg tribute Super-8 was a surprise hit, and it's become fashionable for other film-makers to claim they're paying tribute to early Spielberg. More »