Wonder Woman has one of the most iconic superhero looks, from the 1940s to today. But lately, people seem to struggle with it. They keep trying to redesign her comics costume, and her TV costume never quite worked. And meanwhile, everybody's trying to imagine Christina Hendricks, the rumored movie Diana, in the costume.

How hard is it to make Wonder Woman costume look good? We decided to seek some inspiration from the best source: cosplayers. Here's some of our favorite Wonder Woman cosplay.


Top image: Meagan Marie's Wonder Woman cosplay, from her Michael Turner tribute. Tons more at the link.

Nice use of the television version's cape. Photo by EdWick on Flickr.

Really nice stitching on the emblem and other stuff. Photo by Da Da Z on Flickr.

From New York Comic-Con. Photo by EdWick on Flickr.

Wonder Woman from Megacon, via Dancing Nancy on <a href="

">Comic Vine.

Ready to Save the World by GiorgiaCosplay on Deviant Art.

Wonder Power by GiorgiaCosplay on Deviant Art.

Via Geekologie.com

Miracole Burns. Via Manga Critic.com

Kingdom Come Wonder Woman from Dragon*Con 2007. Photo by Jason Adams on Flickr.

Valerie Perez, star of a Wonder Woman fan film. Photo by Peter Svensson on Comic Book Resources.

Comic Con 2010. Photo by Superk8NYC on Flickr.

Comic Con 2010. Photo by JBNC Photo on Flickr.

Wonder Woman in Santiago, Chile. Photo by Sandra Donoso on Flickr.

Via Ghostwalker on Comic Vine.

Glittery Wonder Woman in Italy. Photo by Giorgio Fonda on Flickr.

Batman and Wonder Woman from Comic Con 2008. Photo by EvilFenn on Flickr.

Comic Con 2009. Photo by Heath_Bar on Flickr.

Comic Con 2011. Photo by PopCultureGeek.com on Flickr.

Awesome fetishy Wonder Woman costume by Yeopop on Comic Vine.

Via Cable Chronicles

Via Cable Chronicles

Black Panorama. Via Cable Chronicles

Via Cable Chronicles

Yaya Han. Via Smilorama.

Via Cable Chronicles