This apocalypse-ready house is sunk deep beneath the Earth, located in a remote area of Saskatchewan, Canada, and it comes equipped with a stove made from an old barrel and an indoor rabbit hutch. And it could be yours if you want to trade some land or a nice vehicle for it. No, this isn't Thunderdome of the Great White North. It's a home of the future.

Here's how Tisdale, Saskatchewan's Renaud Realty describes this armageddon-proof abode:

Peaceful retreat only 22 minutes south of Tisdale. Solid concrete walls with inside 2x4 framing, insulated, vapour barrier, wired, and drywalled. All wiring is complete with a 100 amp panel box along with 2 outside plug-ins and wired for ceiling fans. 9' 10" ceilings thru-out, plenty of storage space, kitchen/dining area, living room, bathroom, 2 bedrooms(1 is completed). Cement pad for garage is in place. Minor finishing left to do, will make a great recreation property, close to lakes and forest. Hunting Zone #42. Good winter roads in all 4 directions. Owner will look at trades for land or good reliable vehicle.

No mention of this place being secured against vampires and zombies, but just take one look at it and you can tell no monster is going to get inside. It's ready for just about any disaster you could throw at it. And, as you can see in these pictures, there's even a giant DVD collection to enjoy during those long nuclear winters. Plus you get an exercise bike, so you can stay fit for hunting super-intelligent mutant bison.

Just remember — when global warming has turned Saskatchewan's many ice-crusted northern lakes into tropical habitats, this werewolf-proof home is also going to be your perfect vacation getaway.

(Thanks for the tip, Jesse!)