We weren't the only ones who loved Community's Doctor Who spoof, Inspector Spacetime. The internet, in its collective wisdom, has decided that this alternate-universe version of television's greatest time traveler will become a right proper meme.

Including the lovely T-shirt design and poster you see above, plus a Tumblr blog for exceedingly silly fan art. Find out how you, too, can become versed in the intricacies of Inspector Spacetime lore!

Top image: T-shirt by RexRaygun at RedBubble, poster by Jonny Eveson.

In addition to loads of art, apparently created over the weekend, there is also a burgeoning TV Tropes page, full of more information than you could ever digest about Inspector Spacetime canon (or more likely, fanon.) People are starting "sprock" (or "space master rock") bands, featuring music based on the Inspector Spacetime series. There's an Inspector Spacetime Facebook fan page.


Check out some of our favorite Inspector Spacetime fan art, mostly from the Inspector Spacetime Confessions Tumblr!
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