WEEKEND ROUNDUP: 9/24-9/25 | Earth, as seen by astronaut Ron Garan.

Ned Stark, Westeros' most depressing meteorologist, on a t-shirt

Spanish designer Fansieto has created this t-shirt homage to Winterfell's most redundantly bleak weatherman. Ned's verdict? Pretty much everywhere, it's going to be cold, until you can no longer remember what warm once felt like. More »

15 years ago, a young Geoff Johns pitched his future Teen Titans plots in DC Comics' letter column

Geoff Johns may be a bigwig over at DC Comics nowadays, but back in 1996, he was another Superboy reader staking out some real estate in the letters column. What's interesting about his assessment of Superboy #20 is how wonders if the hero is a half-clone of Lex Luthor More »

Superhero bromances sealed with a fist-bump

Science fiction and superhero stories are brimming with bromances, and artist Henry Bonsu celebrates male bonding with dynamic duos of fist-bumping friends. More »

In Batwoman, Gotham City's rockabilly vigilante dukes it out with ghostly foes

J.H. Williams III's ethereal illustrations in Detective Comics made Batwoman a critical darling. And this month, crime-fighter Kate Kane returned in her new ongoing comic. More »

Physicians create a taxonomy of bread-bag fasteners that have been lodged in people's colons

Doctors have released a passionate call! They're asking any intrepid minds who will listen to design a bread-bag clip that will not get stuck in the human colon. More »

Why is Olivia such a jerk on Fringe?

Last night's Fringe season premiere showed us the Fringe team through a new pair of eyes - the viewpoint of Lincoln Lee, who's never met them in this reality. More »

Supernatural is back with an intense, satirical story of the new God

Last night's season premiere of Supernatural was one helluva way - or should I say "one heaven of a way"? - to start the seventh year of this series about monsters, magic, angels and demons. More »

My Little Pony recreates the ending of Star Wars

Honestly, modern My Little Pony fandom is one of those things I'm live-and-let-live about, even though it baffles me entirely. Not like that old-school shit- Danny DeVito as the first name in the credits! But anyway, this morning's episode of the show did a little homage to A New Hope. Here's a comparison. More »

Welcome to Pyramiden, the Soviet ghost town at the edge of the world

On the Norwegian archipelago of Spitsbergen you can find Pyramiden, an abandoned mining town that's been almost entirely uninhabited since 1998. Founded in 1910, his town of 1,000 was a model Soviet outpost. More »

Doctor Who: the Godfather of Soul

So is Doctor Who all about a vain old time-traveler who goes around dragging people into horrible danger just to stoke his ego? Does the Doctor create a vast dark legend about himself as a mighty warrior and then draft ordinary people to be bit-players in his huge saga? More »

Behold the new(er) Catwoman costume from The Dark Knight Rises!

At a shooting of The Dark Knight Rises in Los Angeles yesterday, Anne Hathaway's Catwoman costume got an upgrade: ears! Spoilers, and so on. Holy shades of Eartha Kitt! More »

Admiral Ackbar and Nien Nunb discuss hamburgers, the metric system

There are about a zillion Star Wars redubs out there - The Vader Sessions being the gold standard - but this lost scene from the Battle of Endor by David Wilm speaks to me. More »

Someone's already written a sequel to that hornball Catwoman comic

Catwoman's been in the news a lot recently, what with her new outfit and stupid, sexy rendezvous with Batman. The latter has already inspired a sequel by Aeon Flux and Justice League Unlimited illustrator Eric Canete, whose strip imagines Catwoman and Batman's metatextual pillow talk. More »

Carnotaurus had the most ridiculously weak dinosaur arms ever

The image of the hulking T. rex and its comically undersized arms is deeply ingrained in pop culture, but it isn't really fair. They were muscular little appendages well-suited to their evolutionary purpose. The wimpy-armed Carnotaurus is another story entirely. More »

In this week's Cult Movie Worship, a bloody zombie wedding ruins the bride's special day!

Welcome back to Cult Movie Worship! Sorry about the short hiatus! But we've got all types of goodies for you this week, including the trailer for [REC 3]: GENESIS, a short about vampires fighting angels, and a Portuguese superhero! More »