The Captain America DVD and Blu-ray will have a new sneak peek at the culmination of all of Marvel's superhero movies, The Avengers. And there are some tantalizing glimpses in a new DVD trailer. Including this iconic shot of Iron Man with explosions going off behind him.

Check out some more screencaps, including the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier and what might be a quinjet cockpit, below.

Here's the trailer for the Captain America: The First Avenger DVD and Blu-ray, coming out Oct. 25:

And here are some more awesome screencaps:

Joss Whedon wearing a cool Buffy the Vampire Slayer jacket on set.

Whedon on what looks like the Helicarrier set.

Thor defending himself.

Hawkeye on yet another platform, doing what he does best.

Captain America looking pensive, because of that whole "wrong century" thing.

Black Widow on the Helicarrier.

Nick Fury aiming...

...and shooting. At someone, or something.

Tony Stark, also looking pensive.

Could this be a Quinjet cockpit?

A brief glimpse of Captain America in action.

More glimpses of the Helicarrier set.

Whedon on set.

More of Whedon on set.

What secrets does this folder hold? We'll find out next summer.