You'd think the whole point of a self-fulfilling prophecy would be that it can fulfill itself, while you go off and have a sandwich or something. But no. Actually, as last night's Warehouse 13 demonstrated aptly, self-fulfilling prophecies end up being a lot of work. Both Myka and Claudia fell afoul of what appeared to be inevitable doom, and in both cases it was just a misunderstanding. Spoilers ahead...

So you'd think that after hanging around artifacts for a while, all of our heroes would know that things are seldom what they appear. Like, that fortune-telling automata probably doesn't actually prophesy your real doom, but just psychs you out with horrible pronouncements, until you doom yourself. And that zombie plague isn't actually a zombie plague, it's just a psychotic mason jar that causes people to experience the privations of the Donner Party. So Claudia isn't actually "marked for death," and Myka isn't really an irreversible zombie-face.


The real theme of the episode seemed to be "lack of communication," since if Claudia had only bothered to mention to Artie that she'd had this weird encounter with the fortune-teller booth, he could have given her the 411. And meanwhile, Steve is refusing to communicate with Claudia and instead is being uber-sulky — understandably, given that he's been burned ten ways to Sunday. And of course, nobody bothers to ask the kid what his dad did right before he turned into a hypothermic zombie, until it's almost too late.

If I was less charitable, I'd say that Artie was almost right — the dog really ought to be above most of them in the chain of command, since the dog seems to have a pretty good sense of self-preservation.

All in all, though, this was a fun "artifact of the week" episode, with just enough of the overall arc to keep things a bit interesting — so now Jinks is going to join the bad guys. (I'm still guessing he's on a mission for Mrs. Frederic, and he's just infiltrating them.) And meanwhile, Claudia is joining the too-good-to-be-true jam band, in which she will get her Courtney Love on. (Is the emo lead singer actually evil? Guessing we'll find out in two weeks, when the big two-hour season finale airs. Can't wait!)