In this clip from the documentary series Ring of Fire: An Indonesian Odyssey, the filmmakers visit qi master John Chang a.k.a. the "Magus of Java" a.k.a. the man whose nickname I want on my business cards.

In this footage, Chang uses the overwhelming powers of his shocking qi to jolt the documentary team and ignite newspapers. The documentary doesn't reveal what manner of carnival hucksterism and/or cosmic power Chang used to ignite the newspaper...and it looks like we'll never know.

After another visit from the documentary crew, Chang withdrew from the public eye entirely. Why? He was visited by the angry ghost of his dead master, who reprimanded the Magus for showing off.

The moral of the story? The real world is just like Star Wars. You use force lightning to impress your pals, and BOOM. Yoda's guest-starring in your sex dreams.

[Spotted on Boing Boing]