From his eye-catching book covers to his weird sense of humor in his comics, you know you're in for a wild ride with Jeremy Zerfoss. There's a sweetness in his images (and playfulness, too) that hide a more sinister side.

The first image here is called "The Result of Everything." Hailing from Las Vegas, NV, Zerfoss sure knows how to get your attention. His striking images bring to mind a somewhat benevolent nightmare or a crazy road trip. Either way it's a ride you will never forget. Enjoy.

You can see more of Zerfoss' work in his Deviant Art gallery.

This Little Light of Mine


Smoke Lizard - Pub Crawl

Pan - Her New Art

Third Ghost

Bird Snake


Smile If You Feel Great

Mouseboy - Think Cheerful!

WTF, Man? (or Bite Me?)

Infernal Machine



Trust Me

My Latest Eye

Wish You Were Here

Summertime Communication

Garden of Sorrow

A Car of Monsters - Road Trip?

We Will Heal You

The Tenno Tank

Consumerism Hello...



Cover of Bull Spec magazine

I Want To Have Everything

Too Big Fer Dah Pool - Don't Care

Bringing You Gifts!

Horror Comes to Peep Town

A Good Mood is Infectious