You're looking at the Shime coal mine in Japan's Fukuoka Prefecture. Even though the coal mine hasn't been in operation since 1964, this striking tower has been enjoying a renaissance as of late as the internet's premiere undead-proof structure.

Explains urban exploration site Abandoned Kansai of this stark structure:

Easy to spot from long distances this 47.65 meters high tower was finished in 1943 as the center of a coal mine that opened in 1889 and closed in 1964. But that's not the only reason why the place is on virtually every haikyo homepage: It's easy to access by public transportation and even easier by car. In fact there is a soccer field and a children's playground right next to it. But that's not all: Since December 8th 2009 it is considered an "important cultural property" by the Japanese state – so they fenced it off and put up some lights as if it was a 400 year old cathedral, so you can enjoy the view around the clock [...]

And earlier this year, the building became a minor internet sensation thanks to a Reddit thread on the building's practical anti-zombie applications. The Shime coal mine has since become a muse for shambling-horde-hating amateur architects, as it's spawned oodles of Photoshops and Minecraft immortalization.


Top image via Hisagi/Wikimedia. Middle images via Abandoned Kansai.