Farscape has been gone for our screens for seven years, since the Peacekeeper Wars miniseries, but the love goes on. A host of loyal fans continue to celebrate the awesomeness of John Crichton, Aeryn Sun and the rest of the Moya's crew.

Here's our favorite Farscape fan art, plus some awesome cosplay, from all over the internet. It's frelling awesome!

Wanted Farscape by ratscape at deviantART

Farscape fanart- Stark by Bilious at deviantART

Farscape by gattadonna at deviantART

FARSCAPE Wrath of Con COVER by grantgoboom at deviantART

Farscape's John and Aeryn by CatLucker at deviantART

by Keely at cosplay.com

Farscape by roberthendrickson at deviantART

Farscape fanart by M-A-A-N at deviantART

BABY FARSCAPE by D3iv at deviantART

Sikozu (IV) 2006 by mintialia at cosplay.com

Another Farscape by gammaknight at deviantART

Tormented Space Tour by ratscape at deviantART

Scorpius by samizdat at cosplay.com

Farscape's Ka D'Argo by Kieri at deviantART

Mother by Oleg at terrafirmascapers.com

Farscape sketch cards by febbik at deviantART

by Chris Conroy at flickr

Scorpius - Free painting demo by randis at devianART

Women of Farscape by Horuni at deviantART

Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan by Sensetive-Bender at deviantART

Twisted Firestarter by Em Fripp

Farscape cast caricature by Em Fripp

by Andrew Guyton at flickr

by Sean Patrick Pence

Farscape - Scorpius by Trev—Murphy at deviantART