Designer and dinosaur enthusiast David Orr recently griped on his blog Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs about the clichéd dino-on-dino fights you see in pop culture - always with the super-giant T Rex vs. brontosaurus. Or, as Orr's colleague Marc Vincent put it, you'll see "freakishly large coelurosaurs Tarbosaurus and Therizinosaurus smack each other about in all their varyingly inaccurate CG splendour." Well, we wouldn't want that, would we? Especially with dino-tastic TV series Terra Nova starting up soon. And that's why Orr suggested some crazily improbable dino fights that he'd like to see.

Lucky for us, illustrator Niroot Puttapipat has granted Orr's wish — and now you can enjoy these crazy dino fights too.


Vincent posted about Puttapipat's images, with the following lovely descriptions. As always, click the images to embiggen.

Vincent explains that you're seeing:

"A hundred Mononykus vs. Carcharodontosaurus: They'd swarm the big brute and crawl into all sorts of uncomfortable places" (Top)
"Four strategically placed Incisivosaurus vs. Giraffatitan: Two words: beaver style." (Left)
"Protoceratops vs. Leptoceratops. The most disgusting display of brutality and gore imaginable." (Bottom right)

Here's a detail of the 100 Mononykus vs. Carcharodontosaurus

Vincent narrates:

"Pot-bellied T. rex vs. the Jurassic Park T. rex. It's a draw, until Stan Winston strides out with a glock and empties a clip into Pot-belly." (Top)
"Citipati vs. Gigantoraptor: I see the little dude running circles around Giganto while making some outrageously stupid shrieking sound. For about ten minutes." (Bottom)

And the crowning glory: Vincent notes that this image is a response to a commenter who claimed, "a single Giraffatitan individual could effortlessly destroy countless Incisivosaurus by sheer awesomeness alone." So true.


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