WEEKEND ROUND-UP: 9/3-9/4 | Muppet Who by Amy Mebberson (via Tor).

Read an exclusive preview of DC Comics' quirky new superhero series, O.M.A.C.

Here's an exclusive sneak peek of DC Comics' new comic book O.M.A.C. In this series, Jack Kirby's One Man Army Corps gets a 21st century cybernetic update, complete with espionage thrills and battles with Frankenstein. More »

In Transient Man, only San Francisco's homeless can prevent the apocalypse

Bob is homeless man living in San Francisco's Tenderloin District who regularly converses with monsters that only he can see. Is he crazy? Or is he the only person who stands between the human race and total destruction? More »

The Jonny Quest opening credits, recreated with action figures

As a tribute to that certain boy adventurer who was always in mortal peril, Roger Evans has recreated the credits to Jonny Quest with patience and plastic. You can see how he reproduced each stop-motion shot here. More »

Watch Sylvester McCoy deliver Matt Smith's Pandorica speech from Doctor Who

We've already seen Matt Smith and a kindergartner deliver the speech from "The Pandorica Opens" — now check out the Seventh Doctor give it a whirl. At Dragon*Con this weekend, Sylvester McCoy had his arm twisted and gave a cold reading of the speech. In other news, I want Sylvester McCoy to do a cold reading of my utility bills. More »

Paintings of an aging superhero's senior moments

Just because you're getting older and the spandex doesn't quite fit like it used to doesn't mean you hang up the tights and stop fighting crime. Andreas Englund's oil paintings capture moments from a hero who's showing his age. More »

A rainbow cloud shimmers over Ethiopia

Here's a rare look at a rainbow over the skies of Ethiopia. Find out how this cloud — known as a "pileus cloud" — brightens the atmosphere. More »

Is Shark Night 3D the culmination of all human aesthetic thought? Probably

Tragedy, comedy, irony, post-irony, paint-by-numbers Hollywood, post-celebrity, lurid, ascetic, penis, vagina, bull shark, tiger shark. Shark Night 3D is all of these. More »

Quite possibly the most magical Amazon product description ever

This honor goes to the book Deadly Equines: The Shocking True Story of Meat-Eating and Murderous Horses by CuChullaine O'Reilly. More »

What Pixar films looked like 40 years ago

In 1972, future Pixar co-founder Ed Catmull and University of Utah classmate Fred Parke produced this short film of Catmull's hand, which is one of the earliest examples of 3D computer-rendering. The animation eventually showed up in Futureworld (a.k.a. the sequel to Westworld). You can read more about this animation here. More »

Doctor Who explains why your kids need a good scare

For a good chunk of tonight's Doctor Who episode, I was wondering if it was a bit of a retort to the people who claim the BBC's time-traveling horror-comedy is too scary for little kids. After all, the episode seemed to be saying, over-protecting children from what scares them can perversely have the opposite effect, of making them even more scared. But then it seemed like the episode was going in several directions at once, and the message became less clear. More »

These are the remains of an ancient river on Mars

This image reveals the dark sediments and worn path of what was once a river delta, connecting a river with its lake terminus. Though this river bed has been dry for eons, it's proof that rivers once ran on Mars. More »

Xenomorph piglet born in Guatemala

Here's a barnyard beast to join the ranks of the two-headed Armenian cow. In the village of Santa Cruz El Chol, Guatemala, a mutant piglet was born after residents saw curious, hovering lights in the night sky. More »

A video tour through an abandoned Japanese mining village nobody cleaned up

In the late 1970s, the mining industry dried up at the isolated mountain town of Nichitsu in Japan's Saitama prefecture. Residents began to move away, leaving entire houses filled with possessions to time and the elements. Nichitsu has since become a hotspot for urban exploration. The above video is a tour of the town from late 2009, but know that people are still making the pilgrimage. More »

Opposites really do attract…but only when you're stressed out

It's an old cliche, but generally speaking opposites don't attract: we actually tend to be attracted to people who look like us. The big exception is when we get stressed out, as mounting tension pushes us towards different-looking prospective mates. More »

And now, the original Star Wars trilogy playing all at the same time

I have no idea what's to be gleaned from watching all three movies at once, but I definitely heard Bossk whisper "Paul is dead." More »