Concept artist Chris Foss has been creating iconic science fiction book covers for decades, bringing unforgettable visuals to the tales of Isaac Asimov, Philip K. Dick, and JG Ballard. He also worked on art for a crazy Dune movie in the 1970s that never got made. And now he's released a gorgeous art book of his work. Here's a gallery to give you a taste of Hardware: The Definitive SF Works of Chris Foss.

If you love the rich colors of 1960s and 70s SF art, then Foss will delight you. Though he uses a somewhat psychedelic palatte, full of vibrant yellows and reds, his work doesn't have the abstract, pulsating look of classic psychedelia. In fact his work is arrestingly realistic, from the incredible floating cities he drew for James Blish's Cities In Flight series, to the ships he created for Dune. His robots are fanciful but also have a fine substantiality to them.


In Hardware, you'll get an incredible selection of Foss' work, as well as an essay from the artist about how he was influenced by growing up immediately after World War II in England, climbing around in recently-abandoned military installations and bomb-shattered buildings.

You can pick up a copy of Hardware via Amazon or your favorite local bookstore. And if you'd like to order a print of Foss' work, you can do it on his website.

A ship from Dune.

A ship from Dune.

Images © Chris Foss courtesy