The dramatic, weird monochrome imagery of 1950s science fiction movies comes to life in the work of Alberto Mena, who photographs scenes from the movies off his television screen, and then manipulates them in Photoshop.

Mena, who has a new exhibit at the B. Hollyman Gallery in Austin, TX, plays around with those primitive screencaptures from old movies, removing characters and parts of the scene. Then he adds new items to the picture, usually floating mysteriously in the foreground. The result is unsettling and bizarre. Mena tells the Austin American-Statesman:

The science fiction films of the 1950s are a gold mine for me. As a child I was always captivated by these films and I would watch them over and over again... My work meditates on many aspects of dreams, the possible forms of alternate dimensions, and notions of other realities. I'm fascinated by humanity's proclivity to fear and explore the disorienting space between reason and reality.

Mena's exhibit runs through Sept. 24 at the Hollyman Gallery, and you can see more of his images at the gallery's site. Check out a few more of our favorites below. [Austin American-Statesman]