Yesterday, we met the world's most viscuous Dr. Who, a.k.a. a Singaporean brand of bottled water. Today we're looking at yet another Doctor Who...and this one had a bone to pick with King Kong.

Mellifluous master commenter LightningLouie has brought this new Who to our attention. According to Wikipedia, this Doctor Who starred on the 1969 Japanese/American cartoon The King Kong Show and was a "popular recurring villain. A bald, big-brained and bespectacled mad scientist who wants to capture Kong for his own evil schemes [...] He is the basis for Hideyo Amamoto's character Dr. Who in King Kong Escapes."


And according to these sweet diagrams from 1960s issues of Shōnen Magazine, this Dr. Who rolled in some swank secret headquarters.

PS: Wikipedia also notes that Doctor Who's name is spelled "Dr. Hu" in the credits of King Kong Escapes. Which is the correct spelling? Honestly, this is just one mystery I don't care enough to solve.

Images via Pink Tentacle.