Everything You Need To Know About Doctor Who

Doctor Who's the highest rated show in BBC America's history, and the time-traveling alien is such an icon, people are calling for him to be Britain's new patron saint. But what's Doctor Who really about? How can you appreciate it? More »

Does Steven Moffat have a master plan for Doctor Who?

Steven Moffat's Doctor Who era has been one long story, about the Doctor and the Silence. The Silence are mentioned in Matt Smith's very first episode, and their actions have dominated the Eleventh Doctor's life. But we still don't really know what this is all about, and we're hoping for more clues when the show returns on Saturday. And as we rewatch old episodes, we inevitably wind up asking: Is there a Moffat Master Plan? More »

Old-School Doctor Who Episodes That Everyone Should Watch

Doctor Who has been a legend for decades, but the time-travel adventure show has gained a whole new fanbase in the past seven years. Newer fans have an amazing opportunity to travel backwards in time, and rediscover the show's greatest moments from the first 26 years. More »

These TARDIS tights leave little to the imagination, are not Dalek-proof

f there's ever a gritty adult reboot of Doctor Who brimming with blood and salaciousness, the Doctor will gruffly toss Black Milk's TARDIS leggings ($79.30) at his new companion and mutter, "Oi! We got a dress code 'round here ya know!" Then he will strip down to his bow tie and do nothing but sweaty push-ups for the next 44 minutes. More »

Greatest Doctor Who cliffhangers of all time!

Cliffhangers are part of the life-blood of Doctor Who. Here are the most thrilling cliffhangers in the show's history: More »

Doctor Who Characters Who Deserve Awesome New Action Figures

We finally got an awesome gift-set of all eleven Doctors, but there are still plenty of Doctor Who characters who merit their own plastic doppelgangers. From busty companions to penis-headed monsters, here's 20 Who characters who deserve action figures. Geronimo! More »

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Doctor Who

You think you know Doctor Who? Just like his sprawling time machine, the Doctor's mythology and mystery are too expansive and weird to be contained in a finite space. Here are 10 things you might not know about Doctor Who. More »

The Coolest Doctor Who T-Shirts in the Space-Time Continuum

Doctor Who never goes out of style - or if the time-traveling TV show ever did, it would just jump forward a few years until the fashion came around again. More »

Matt Smith explains why Doctor Who's darkest hour is yet to come

Doctor Who shook up its entire universe by revealing the truth about River Song - and then left us hanging all summer. How will River Song shape the Doctor's future? We asked Matt Smith. More »

(Doctor) Who wore it best? A collection of the best Doctor cosplay at Comic-Con

There was an epic collection of Doctor Who costumes this year at San Diego Comic Con. We saw hundreds of Doctors from various regenerations and tons of cool fezzes. So who wore it best? More »

If Television's Greatest Scientists Worked in Tech Support

Scientists are all-purpose miracle workers on television. Whether it's a rogue virus or a genocidal computer, there's nothing that a television scientist can't handle. Because they understand Science. But how would they handle the ultimate challenge: tech support? More »

10 Totally Different TV Shows that Doctor Who Has Been Over the Years

Doctor Who hasn't just taught us how to save the universe - the British time-travel show has also lasted a fantastic 32 seasons. How did a little show about a man in a magic phone box achieve this feat? By changing its format drastically. More »

A Wishlist for this Fall's Doctor Who Episodes

Doctor Who comes back for a run of six episodes starting this weekend, and our hopes are high. If nothing else, we know there will be witty dialogue, insanely cute actors, and mind-bending plots. But we're hoping for more than that. More »

All of the Greatest Rory Williams Moments from Doctor Who

Many people would assume that the hero of Doctor Who is the time-traveling main character, played by the rakishly British Matt Smith. But it's not so. More »

How To Discover Classic Doctor Who In 3 Easy Steps

Before Doctor Who was a new-millennium phenomenon, it ruled the British airwaves for a quarter of the last century. And some of your grand-dad's Doctor Who episodes are actually still worth checking out. Here's our complete handy guide to old-school Doctor Who for new-Who fans. More »