WEEKEND ROUNDUP: 8/27 -8/28 | Cthulhu Bento Box by MyNeighborhoodStory. (Via Boing Boing.)

Doctor Who and the One Woman the Doctor Can't Screw Up

Tonight's Doctor Who episode brought back an idea that Russell T. Davies used to play with a lot: the Doctor inevitably ruins his companions. In Davies' version, it was that the Doctor winds up turning them into weapons against ultimate evil. More »

What to do if you encounter a real Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Should Hurricane Irene's impending deluge flood New York City subways, we may see a swarm of rats take to the streets in numbers not seen since the heyday of Hamelin. More »

Spider-Man fought Hurricane Irene using the power of joy

Yesterday, Spider-Man inexplicably went down to Hampton, Virginia to surf during the middle of Hurricane Irene. His motivation? To show people that a costume and a good attitude can conquer extreme weather. More »

Read David Bowie's "Space Oddity" transformed into the saddest children's book ever

Andrew Kolb was so taken with David Bowie's famed space travel ditty "Space Oddity" that he wrote it up as a charmingly tragic kid's book. More »

How does Nintendo protect the image of their saintly plumber? A Super Mario historian tells us

In his new book Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America, Jeff Ryan examines the history of the video game manufacturer using the company's unassuming corporate logo Super Mario. More »

Watch Captain Jack actually mention Ianto by name, on Torchwood

This is by far the best moment from last night's Torchwood episode - Captain Jack actually mentions Ianto by name, before inadvertently causing a new tragedy. More »

The time Marvel Comics almost published Batman and Superman

The blog of former Marvel editor Jim Shooter has become a wealth of absolutely crazy stories as of late (see: the origins of Secret Wars, the script for the Dazzler movie), but this latest anecdote takes the cake. More »

Ninja has been defending mid-sized English town for six years

Ninja hooliganism is a burgeoning problem these days, so it's good to know that some shinobis are using their clandestine arts to prevent dumb kids from shooting swans with BB guns. More »

Oh look, a creepy sleeping woman made entirely out of candles

For the Arnhem Mode Biennale 2011 fashion show earlier this summer, Lenn Cox built this lugubrious lady lying in a fetal position on a bed, where she presumably melted into a pile of forlorn wax. More »

In the webcomic Friends With Boys, a homeschooler finds high school more intimidating than a ghost

After years of homeschooling, Maggie is ready for her first day of public school. But can she survive the hallways of high school? Will she make any friends? More »

Mad Men-style soirees from the swinging superhero sixties

A weekend bash at Tony Stark's beach house in the Hamptons catches a relaxed moment with the Avengers. Crystal flirts with Johnny Storm at the Richards' posh New York bash. More »

Postcards and maps from America's olden days, filled with monsters and alien dictators

In his "Alternate Histories" series of prints, Matthew Bucholz takes the bygone years of American history and peppers them with marauding kaiju, alien conquerors, and frontier dinosaurs. More »

In Android, Klaus Kinski wants to build a sexbot…in space!

In Aaron Lipstatdt's 1982 science fiction melodrama Android, Klaus Kinski plays brilliant cyberneticist (and snappy dresser) Dr. Daniel. Don Keith Opper is Max 404, Daniel's assistant and longtime android companion. More »

Welcome to Farmland World, a livestock Disneyland where robo-cows roam

One of the runners-up for the recent Animal Architecture Awards is also one of my favorites from the competition: "Farmland World" by Allison Newmeyer and Stewart Hicks of the Chicago-based Design With Company. More »