WEEKLY ROUNDUP: 8/14 -8/20 | Zano's Hipster Thundercats. (Spotted on Super Punch.)

We've seen the first footage from The Avengers!

The first extended look at The Avengers just premiered at Disney's D23 Expo. Here's our spoiler-y rundown of what we saw. Here's the spoiler-free version. More »

Spy Kids 4 is the 21st century equivalent of The Children's Crusade

Despite my elementary school diploma, I loved Spy Kids: All the Time in the World. Why? It's a chilling examination of an alternate reality in which children have become fellow travelers in global espionage, More »

At last, we have sequenced the cannabis genome

The Cannabis sativa genome has been sequenced by a team of scientists in Amsterdam (yes, really). The raw genetic sequence was posted yesterday to Amazon's EC2 cloud computing service by a company called Medicinal Genomics. More »

A few rules you should follow before watching Conan the Barbarian

The remake of Conan the Barbarian hits theaters today, and you've got your meat skewers and leather nutslinger ready to go. The problem? Conan the Barbarian is a cult classic that has already spawned a series of bad sequels and imitators, and unfortunately it has now spawned a bad remake as well. More »

How Pulp Science Fiction Cover Art Got Its Sense of Wonder

We all love the colorful richness of science fiction pulp cover art. But pulp art didn't spring into the world fully formed, full of beautiful women adventurers and marauding robots. More »

Fright Night is a rare example of a summer movie done right

Fright Night is one of the last movies of the summer, and it's like a masterclass in how to make a perfect warm-weather flick. It's a nice little character-based adventure with real scares and action. More »

"Living fossil" eel found in underwater cave

The term "living fossil" gets bandied about a lot, but this eel found in an underwater cave in the Pacific Ocean is unlike any living relative, and has features that are only found in the fossilized remains of its ancient brethren. Found in a cave 35 meters underwater in the Republic of Palau. More »

First look at the Space Hotel offers aliens aplenty, but no booze allowed

A company called Orbital Technologies has big plans to put a hotel in space, 217 miles above the Earth. Take a look at the cozy station where you could dream among the stars, for a mere $511,000. More »

The Ultimate Guide to Fall 2011's Science Fiction and Fantasy TV

t's almost time for the fall TV season! What are the hottest new science fiction shows coming out next season? What's coming back? And what events can you not afford to miss? We've compiled the best of the best of 2011's Fall TV More »

What is the "cube Earth hypothesis"?

What happens when you take the flat earth hypothesis and raise it to the third power? For starters, you gain a whole new appreciation for the predominantly up/down gravity of our good-ol' fashioned spherical world. More »

What is the speed of smell?

The speed of light is 186,282 miles per second. The speed of sound is 761.2 miles per hour. That takes care of vision and hearing, but what about our other senses? More »

Mass grave reveals 1,000 year old Viking massacre

And no, not the type of massacre where Vikings go around killing people: these Vikings were brutally killed by Englishmen ten centuries ago. More »