Vampires. They're mysterious and dangerous — but most of all, they're alluring. They have the glamor of eternal youth, combined with centuries of style. But vampires also have their cute, playful, sexy side. And that's why there's vampire pin-up art.

In honor of Fright Night, we've collected some of our favorite specimens of vampire pin-ups, both male and female, for your delectation. Including a few of the niftier Vampirella images. As always, click to expand, or right-click and select "open link in new tab." Warning: Some of these images might be a smidge NSFW.

Top image: "Bloody Mary" by Matt Dixon.

Sexy modern female vampire by discipleneil777 at deviantART

Bethany by Michele Chang

Vampire Pinup by feliciacano at deviantART

Count Dracula by GENZOMAN at deviantART

Vampire Lover by Sean Lobel at flickr

Lucy Westenra by Avelina de Moray via Vampire Empire

Urban Vampire Lady by Vandrell at deviantART

Type OH! by Matt Dixon at

Vampire Lover II by SamBriggs at deviantART

Helsing by Serge Birault via Unstage

Night of the Vampire by DanniDoll at deviantART

Vampire Master and Slave by rebelakemi at deviantART

by Arthemis IX at

by quickreaver at

by nonie at

by Gwenevere at

Halloween day-off by SashaZombie at deviantART

Diabolique by ToriB at deviantART

Vampire Love by UndamedWolf at deviantART

Sexy vampire pin up by discipleneil777 at deviantART

Bite me by Aziraphale1334 at deviantART

by Nike at

by rvdtor at

vampire pin up by blackcat-hull at deviantART

Vampire School Girl Pin Up 2 by Sanguinarian-Craving at deviantART

Vamp Nadine by Serge Birault via Geek Tyrant

Vamp by scottblairart at deviantART

Vampirella by Boris Vallejo

Vampirella by Jose "Pepe" Gonzalez, via Vampilore

Vampirella by Jose "Pepe" Gonzalez, via Vampilore

Vampirella by Julie Bell

Vampirella by O. Wetter

Vampirella by Cris de Lara Digital Art

Vampirella by Frank Frazetta

Vampirella by Dorian Cleavenger

Vampirella by Dorian Cleavenger

Vampirella by Joe Jusko on DeviantArt