WHAT IS BEST IN LIFE? | Conan the Barbarian art by Jean-Pierre Targete, via Illustrateurs

The Most Awesomely Ridiculous Moments from Conan the Barbarian Ripoffs

The original Conan the Barbarian was a phenomenon, spawning a decade's worth of awful imitators in which muscled-up warriors went around killing people in something vaguely resembling the ancient past. More »

The Secret History of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles‘ Amazing Barbarian, Beastwizard!

Just like a Terminator coming from the future to kill you, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles excelled in catching us off guard. You might have thought you knew what an ongoing television series based on the first two Terminator movies was, but then you'd be surprised. More »

Stephen Lang: Conan the Barbarian is not big on subtext

Stephen Lang has become the go-to guy for gung-ho older soldiers, from Col. Quaritch in Avatar to the time-traveling colonist Nathaniel Taylor in Terra Nova. More »

This is what making a Conan the Barbarian adult film looks like

When the folks at Hustler Video asked us if we wanted to see exclusive photos from their new swords-and-skins-and-sandals flick This Ain't Conan The Barbarian XXX 3D, we said, "Sure!" Then they sent us a photo of star Lee Stone fanning himself in front of a green screen. More »

10 profound life lessons you can learn from Conan the Barbarian

All of the aphorisms in cinema, perhaps the most galvanizing is Conan the Barbarian's assessment of what is best in life. Crushing enemies and hearing lamentations of women may just be the go-getter's version of "early to bed, early to rise," but it certainly helped Conan slay men the size of Tony Robbins. More »

A brief history of the ancient science of sword making

The sword is the perennial symbol of empires, knighthood, chivalry and fantasy. But it's also one of the world's most ancient technologies, connected with breakthroughs in metallurgy that would change the world. More »

Barbarian beefcake fashions, from Conan to John Carter

With a remake of Conan the Barbarian coming out this Friday, it's time to contemplate the awesomeness of sword and sandal movies. You know - movies set in the mythical days of antiquity, when everybody carried swords, wore sandals (or leather boots), and opened their mouths really wide. More »

How to swallow a sword

Sword swallowers are often thought of as magicians or illusionists. Although there are plenty of arcane skills they have to learn, there's no real 'trick' to their work. More »

Could Beastmaster II be the greatest fantasy movie of all time?

Move over, Peter Jackson. Your lavish Tolkien adaptations cannot possibly compete with the bugtastic spectacle that is Beastmaster II: Through The Portal of Time. More »

25 awesome barbarian moments unjustly condemned to pop cultural obscurity

Being a barbarian is a thankless job. You spend all day slaying your foes in a loincloth and greased up in beef tallow, and nobody remembers your exploits. The zeitgeist moves on to pirates, vampires, zombies, and what have you. More »