We're excited about Ernest Cline's first novel, Ready Player One, which is about a dystopian future where gamers fight to control the future of their virtual world, the OASIS. Will it fall into the hands of the IOI Corporation, which wants to make the OASIS pay-per-access and to prevent people from using anonymous avatars? Or will a scrappy group of teenage gamers seize control, maintaining an open system? The fate of the OASIS will be decided by whomever discovers an ancient Easter Egg placed at the heart of the gameworld by its enigmatic founder, who leaves behind only one clue after his death: A journal devoted to rants about 1980s pop culture.

Now you can read the first two chapters of this fast-paced, awesome novel that had us raving in our review. The novel goes on sale today, so look for it in your favorite bookstore, or online.

Here's the excerpt - just click each page to read.