The 9/11 conspiracy theorists hope to peddle their truther gobbledygook theories to the masses via the graphic The Big Lie, created by Swamp Thing artist Rick Veitch. Take a look at the first few pages right now!

In the comic, the widow of a 9/11 victim uses her job at the Large Hadron Collider to travel back in time to one hour before the first plane strikes. According to reviews she then spends the rest of the comic trying to convince a boardroom full of man suits to evacuate. And in doing so arguably makes her Truther case to the reader. Supposedly there's a huge twist at the end, but we'll probably never find out as we're not going to support this madness with our hard-earned cash.


Rich Johnston over at Bleeding Cool has read the book and has this to say about it:

There are likely to be a number of lazy September 11th comics. those who play up the shock angles from a variety of viewpoints. The Big Lie, despite being embedded in Truther arguments, is a stunningly comprehensive and cohesive narrative that entertains, infuriates and convinces on all levels. And a twist ending that will make each and every Truther ejaculate in their underwear.

Check out some pages from the comic below. But haven't the 10 years that passed basically disproved the majority of the "Truther" theories at this point?

The comic will be available through Image Comics.