With DC Comics' relaunching their entire superhero line next month, not every one of the line's superheroes will be getting their own title. The blog DC Fifty-Too seeks to rectify this situation.

Until the end of the month, 52 artists will premiere 52 different books you won't be seeing on stands. It's a DC Universe where the publisher's foremost characters aren't Batman or Superman, but Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth and The Cryonic Man.


Explains site curator Jon Morris, "Once DC started releasing the cover images of what the New DC Universe would look like, it got me wondering what the New DC Universe would look like ... if it were out of DC's hands." Here's but a sampling of the site's many never-to-be comics:

By Matt Kaufenberg

By Katie Cook

By Joel Priddy

By Tim Seeley

By Thomas Perkins

By Dieter Van der Ougstraete

You can check out many more of these fake covers over at DC Fifty-Too. They'll be updating the site until all 52 titles premiere on August 31.

Top image by Benjamin Marra.