WEEKEND ROUNDUP: 8/13 -8/14 | Yasmin Liang's "Justice League Bend," which was inspired by the Gender Bent Justice League at Comic-Con 2011. Spotted on Project Rooftop.

It's hard to deny that Torchwood is treading water

The biggest criticism of Torchwood: Miracle Day, now that we're more than halfway through, has been its slow pacing. And after last night's clogged drain of an episode, it's hard not to feel like that's a valid critique. More »

Check out spoilery video of Batman's new ride in The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises keeps leaking out of Pittsburgh like they're being held in a Bat-salad strainer. After a still shot of a Batwing-like conveyance leaked online, we're now seeing a ton of man-on-the-street videos of this vehicle in motion. Hopefully this is one big elaborate ploy to distract us from the inclusion of the Batspaceship or BatUFO in the film. More »

Watch Patton Oswalt's five-second-long fantasy film

>Five Second Films have recruited (one-time Batman scripter) Patton Oswalt to play a very miffed wizard. More »

Real-world policy experts weigh in on rebuilding a post-Voldemort society

I don't know about you, but I could never get into the ending of Harry Potter. Once Voldemort kicks it, we're whisked ahead 19 years into the future and everyone's married to the first person they dated for more than 10 minutes. We don't see how wizarding society recovers or if Gregory Goyle is tried for war crimes. More »

Vegetable Jabba lords over your sushi platter

Sushi chef Okistugu Kado carves vegetable garnishes into Star Wars characters, Pokemon, and superheroes. They're the perfect accompaniment for sushi rolls from both the Light and Dark sides of the Force. More »

Dwarves vs. malaria and cartoon menstruation: the weirdest Disney educational films

Disney has punched out dozens of educational shorts throughout the years, and not all of them conform to that clean-cut, animal-sidekick-and-singing-princess salubriousness audiences have come to expect from the studio. Here are some of the Mouse House's odder forays into edutainment. More »

How to stand an egg upright

There are rumors that people can balance an egg on its sharper curves during an equinox (something about the spin of the earth and the position of the sun will let it stay up). That's crap. In order to stand an egg upright you have to control the spin of the egg. Which is good, because that's a lot easier than controlling the spin of the earth. More »

You can buy a real-world recreation of the house from Up for $400K

In Herriman, Utah, Adam Bangeter built a 2,800-square-foot, $399,000 recreation of the flying house from Up. Granted, this Pixar-sanctioned home isn't airworthy, but if you want to live in a Pixar character's abode, I suppose it's better than a toy chest or a garbage planet. More »

The Ultimate Symbiosis: Mealybugs have bacteria living inside their bacteria

Lots of organisms rely on symbiotic relationships, in which two species rely on each other for survival and one lives inside the other. But citrus mealybugs enjoy a triply symbiotic relationship unlike any we've ever seen...with one absolutely crucial exception. More »

A video tour of China's dilapidated fantasy park

Remember, Wonderland, that unfinished medieval amusement park outside Beijing that looks like a post-apocalyptic Magic Kingdom? Catherine Hyland recently visited Wonderland and toured its many abandoned nooks and crannies. Remember, if you're going to build an amusement park, you must finish it before the ghosts and drifters move in. More »

More Ghanaian movie posters that will melt your brain into porridge

We've previously expressed our love for the hand-painted mobile cinema posters of Ghana, many of which took extreme creative liberties with films' plots. For example, who knew that Cujo was an evil Cocker Spaniel? More »

The collision that created Earth's Moon is reenacted around an alien star

NLTT 43806 is a white dwarf, the dying remnants of a star like our own. But there's a problem. Its composition doesn't make any sense...unless there was a cataclysm just like the one Earth experienced four billion years ago. More »

Remember when Superman turned into Satan?

During the Silver Age of Comics, Kryptonite had many bizarre mutational properties. In 1963's Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #68, Jimmy — driven insane with rage by The Hate Helmet — exposes Superman to Red Kryptonite, morphing the hero into Old Scratch. More »

Just why do people get more attractive when you're drunk?

It's a fairly well-known idea that people start looking better and better the more one drinks alcohol. But is there actually a scientific reasoning behind this? It might all have to do with a little something called bilateral symmetry. More »

Take a stroll down Staten Island's freeway to nowhere

In 1966, community activists successfully stopped the construction of the Richmond Parkway Interchange, a stretch of highway that urban planning titan Robert Moses wanted to run through the forested Staten Island Greenbelt. After construction ceased, this highway has been cracked and crumbled by time. More »