FRIDAY FARADAY CAT-BLOGGING | "Faraday Cat" concept art from the movie The Darkest Hour, in which Russian mad scientist Sergei has encased his cat in a mini-Faraday Cage.

World War Z movie synopsis is nothing like the book, internet melts down

Remember when the World War Z movie held such promise? Now, not so much. Paramount has released the synopsis for its film adaptation of Max Brooks' seminal zombie war story, and people are not happy about the massive deviations. More »

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Sensory Deprivation Tanks

On Fringe, a sensory deprivation tank can activate your mental powers and even open a gateway to another universe. But what can floating in a dark warm tank do for you in real life? More »

What does dark energy mean for the end of the universe?

Dark energy is perhaps the most mysterious thing in the cosmos, and yet it accounts for 73% of the observable universe. What's more, the amount of dark energy seems to be increasing...and that could ultimately rip apart the entire universe. More »

Lord of the Rings burlesque spanks a few sexy, sexy Orcs

How can you redeem the terrible 1978 Lord Of The Rings animated movie? Simple: Add G-strings and pasties! Watch as three wonderful burlesque dancers shake their Orc bits to "Where there's a Whip - There's A Way." It's fairly safe for work. More »

How Torchwood's Bill Pullman Learned to Play the World's Creepiest Motivational Speaker

Perhaps the greatest miracle in Torchwood: Miracle Day is Bill Pullman's performance. The fact that they got the President from Independence Day - and the star of tons of other great movies - to play an unnerving pedophile murderer who becomes a sort of televangelist is mind-boggling. More »

Paranormal Investigator Joe Nickell Reveals the Truth Behind Modern Cryptozoological Myths

Paranormal investigator and cryptozoologist Joe Nickell has spent 40 years doing fieldwork and research, digging for the truth behind bizarre phenomena like weeping statues and haunted houses. More »

Why did we have to become multicellular, anyway?

All things considered, we're pretty happy that life evolved into multicellular organisms - but what was the advantage to this shift? The answer may lie in brewer's yeast. More »

What happened to Boba Fett after the sarlacc pit? The original Fett actor tells all!

The original Boba Fett, Jeremy Bulloch, has a few wild ideas on what really happened to Fett after his dance with the mighty sarlacc. Just because everyone says he's dead, that doesn't mean Boba is gone for good. More »

Thrilling robot art wallpapers will activate your desktop's awesomeness function

Everybody knows that robots are a girl's best friend, but everybody needs a robot companion sometimes. Robots are our steadfast helpers and our awesome kick-ass defenders. More »

Ten Freaky Types of Scary Fairies

Fairies are not always adorable, apple-cheeked, butterfly-winged pixies alighting on people's outstretched fingers. They're not even mischievous little game-players like Puck. More »

Functioning anal sphincter grown in a petri dish

There is no denying that growing an anal sphincter in a petri dish is hilarious. There is also no denying that nobody reading this would enjoy being without an anal sphincter, so it's good that there are back-ups being developed. More »

How to catch tomorrow morning's Perseid meteor shower

Very, very early tomorrow morning is when you'll catch the Perseid meteor shower, the largest meteor display of the year. The bad news is that it's also a full moon tonight, which is going to cut down significantly on the visibility of all but the brightest shooting stars. More »

Physicists and mathematicians discover a way to save time – literally

In order to calculate odds in a multiverse, a certain conceit has to be thrown down which 'ends time' for certain universes. This means that, conceptually at least, universes are destroyed. More »

How Thundercats Will Continue the Awesome Legacy of Panthro!

Panthro is back and living large, with fistfulls of nunchucks. The living legend makes his long-awaited return in tonight's episode of Thundercats on the Cartoon Network. More »