DARK CITYSCAPE | "Future World 2" by Rudolf Herczog.

Breakthrough: Electronic circuits that are integrated with your skin

A team of engineers today announced a discovery that could change the world of electronics forever. Called an "epidermal electronic system" (EES), it's basically an electronic circuit mounted on your skin, designed to stretch, flex, and twist. More »

What to Keep and What to Ditch from a Movie Version of The Stand

Harry Potter director David Yates says he's interested in turning Stephen King's The Stand into a multi-movie series. Good luck - this is a task that could make Potter look like a cakewalk. More »

The Amazing High-Tech Drawings that Made Star Wars Possible

Long before anybody had seen a single frame of Star Wars, these luminous drawings were all anybody could see of George Lucas' vision for a thrilling space epic. More »

Ready Player One is a dystopian gamer novel that's as addictive as a great game

In the 2040s, energy resources and the economy in America have collapsed. The poor live in "stacks," vertical trailer parks outside cities where old mobile homes are piled on top of each other. More »

Success! The SETI Telescope Array will soon be back online!

Let the search for extraterrestrial life resume! Back in April, the SETI Allen Telescope Array was shut down due to lack of funding. Now, the institute's search for extraterrestrial life is set to resume, thanks in no small part to more than $200,000 in donations from thousands of fans. More »

Finally Revealed: The 100 Greatest Science Fiction and Fantasy Books, According to NPR's Readers

When NPR revealed its list of finalists for its "Top 100 Science-Fiction and Fantasy Books" survey, we were struck by how diverse and wide-ranging that list was. More »

Strange alien planet is impossibly black

TrES-2b is a Jupiter-sized planet located about 750 light-years from Earth. It reflects just 1% of the sunlight that reaches it, making it essentially one vast black sphere. More »

AMC's Crazy Ideas for Cutting Costs on The Walking Dead

AMC thinks that zombies should be heard and not seen. Read a few of the terrible money-saving ideas AMC reportedly threw at showrunner Frank Darabont, before throwing him out the door. More »

The Blood and Awesomeness-Soaked Trailer that Conan DESERVES! [NSFW]

In my supreme arrogance, I felt that the new Conan trailers needed just a little more umph. This is my ever so subtle attempt at that umph. Please to enjoy. More »

Watch a mosquito drain human blood, in horrifying HD

Some things are just more terrifying in high definition. Watch as a pack of mosquitoes gorge themselves on human blood, then go vomit in your trashcan. More »

10 Monsters Who Would Make Pretty Good Bosses

What if your boss was one of the greatest fictional monsters in the universe? It could be a terrifying experience, one your career might never recover from. More »

We're another step closer to the invisibility cloak

A functional invisibility cloak is one of those things that physicists keep chasing, and every six months or so we see an update that brings us one step closer to being able to sneak around without being seen. More »

The very best fake monster pictures that you created!

All summer long, you've been chasing cryptids, or mystery animals, for our Cryptid Summer bounty. And you've also diligently been producing pictures of fake cryptids because, well, it just wouldn't be monster season without a lot of photoshopping. More »

Tons of Riddick 3 character details reveal new link to Pitch Black

Good news, Furyan fans - David Twohy and Vin Diesel's third Riddick movie has started casting, and new details are leaking out all over! Find out who's coming back from the Underverse right now. More »