We were shocked and horrified that Eureka's sixth season was cut back to just six episodes — and even more shocked and horrified when Syfy pulled the plug on the sixth season altogether.

Now, Syfy has offered the show about a town of geniuses a consolation prize: One extra episode to close out all the characters' stories.


Eureka is currently airing the second half of its fourth season, with five episodes left including Monday's new episode. And the fifth season, which is just 13 episodes including a Christmas special, is already nearly done filming. When Syfy decided to pull the plug, Eureka was just about to start filming on the season five finale — so it was unlikely that the writers would have had time to retool that season finale to make it a proper series finale.

So it's great news that the show is getting one more episode after the already-scripted final episode of season five, to give everybody a proper send-off. According to writer and executive producer Amy Berg's Twitter, they're working on this episode now. (And she asks people not to send her their ideas of how the show should end, not even as a joke.)

Personally, I'm hoping the show ends with all of the Eureka characters crossing through a dimensional portal into our universe, bringing all their weird super-science with them. (And yes, I mean our actual universe, not a fictionalized representation of our universe. Come on, it ought to be possible.) It might be a bit confusing having Colin Ferguson rubbing elbows with the actual Jack Carter, and perhaps a bit Supernatural-meta-episode. But if they could bring the faster-than-light drive and intertia-cancelling thingy into our reality, thus jumpstarting our space program, it would be well worth it. Come on, Eureka writers — start figuring out how to create a tunnel from your show's fictional world into our actual world. If anybody can do it, it's you guys. [via Zap2It]