STRANGE HABITAT | "Homeworld," concept art by David Fuhrer.

Moore's Law may soon be broken

The future is almost never what you expect it to be. Case in point: Over 40 years ago, Intel co-founder Gordon Moore famously predicted that the number of transistors on a microchip would double every two years. More »

Must Listen: Neil deGrasse Tyson's inspirational rant on NASA cutbacks

Astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson was on Bill Maher last Friday, and he said everything that needs to be said about plans to slash NASA's budget, including doing away with the James Webb Space Telescope. More »

10 Fictional Games that Lunatics Have Recreated in Real Life

Science fiction and fantasy are full of weird games, from Quiddich to Pyramid. There are games of death. There are games of skill. But most of all, there are games that you'd have to be nuts to try and duplicate in real life. Not that that's stopped people from trying. More »

8-bit sculptures made the old-fashioned way

In a time when CGI and special effects are pushing the limits of our abilities to distinguish fantasy from reality, artist Shawn Smith dares to turn our conception of digital simulation on its head. More »

Tons More Details About Battleship's board-game-loving aliens

Hasbro's Battleship movie may be an early contender for the silliest movie of 2012 - and the first trailer seems to have provoked near-universal hilarity - but everybody involved seems to be taking it pretty seriously, at least. More »

New study shows that knowing spoilers doesn't ruin a story

Many people live in fear of being "spoiled" for a story by finding out the ending. But a new study by psychologists shows that people wound up liking stories better if they'd been told spoilers in advance. More »

The Creepiest Psychic Visions of the Future Drawn by Little Kids

Creepy children who can see the future are a mainstay of movies and television - and a surprising number of them are artistically gifted. Put a crayon or magic marker in the hands of a little prophet, and he/she will draw you a deathly masterpiece every time. More »

A Batman Tyrannosaurus Rex stalks the streets of Pittsburgh

Given that all things Dark Knight Rises have momentarily taken over the Pittsburgh news cycle, it should be unsurprising that pranksters at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh (near the film's shooting) bestowed the cowl upon their campus' Tyrannosaurus Rex statue. More »

Why We Love Suspending Our Disbelief

One of the great pleasures of science fiction and fantasy is that they ask us to suspend our disbelief more than almost any other fictional genres. (Except maybe romance.) Stories about fantastical worlds and strange discoveries force us to use our imaginations to bring the settings to life - but they also force us to accept the unreal as real, for the purposes of the story. More »

What caused a slowdown in climate change at the turn of the millennium?

Over the past century, we've witnessed a rise in the greenhouse gas methane in our atmosphere. But for a few years at the turn of the millennium, methane levels tapered off and reached a stable state before starting to climb again. More »

Earth doesn't need the Moon

The Moon was long considered an essential stabilizing presence in the development of life on Earth. Without its satellite, the Earth would have tilted too much on its axis, making life impossible. More »

The trailer for the Star Wars porno is disturbingly safe for work

Sure, the adult film market may be inundated with porn parodies, but director Axel Braun - who's known for his meticulously erotic takes on Batman and Star Trek (link NSFW) - now brings us Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody, which is out this September. More »