Last year we shared this amazing Hunger Games fan-video that acted out a soul crushing scene from the novel. Now the same production company is back and bringing us all a video from the second book Catching Fire.

But be warned: There are massive spoilers in this video.

Mainstay Pro, the production company behind these videos has been hard at work creating lots of material for (a website dedicated to Hunger Games fans). In fact, here's their take on the infamous dress Cinna creates in the first book for Katniss, the girl who was on fire!

Hunger Games the movie is currently filming, and meanwhile the studio (Lionsgate) has already set up a release date for the second book (Catching Fire) on November 22, 2013. As long as they're both as good as these fan-vids, I think we'll all be okay.

Thanks for the tip tealcandtrip.