This Wednesday, Hellboy goes through some life-altering changes. Also a new issue of Fear Itself, some weird retro graphic novels, and a ton of other enlightening reads. Join us as we sift through the grab bag!

First Issue

Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden's new vampire hunter series Baltimore: The Curse Bells is out, as is Nick Spencer's miniseries Spider-Island: Cloak And Dagger.

Other Releases

First off, Mike Mignola's Hellboy goes through a major change in the final issue of his latest miniseries, The Fury. We're not going to spill the beans on what happens to Hellboy here, but the rest of the internet is happy to oblige. Spoilers a-go-go here, folks.

DC Retroactive does its throwback thing with new Reagan-era stories from Eighties comic creators — Len Wein's writing Green Lantern, Gerry Conway's on Justice League Of America, and Marv Wolfman's penning Superman. Jeff Lemire's Flashpoint tie-in Frankenstein And The Creatures Of The Unknown and Scott Snyder's run on Detective Comics wrap up as well. On the Marvel side, there's a .1 new-readers-friendly issue of X-Men and lot more Asgardian mayhem in the new issue of Fear Itself.

Some other titles that may be part of your weekly haul include American Vampire: Survival Of The Fittest, Dollhouse: Epitaphs, Unwritten, Godzilla: Gangsters and Goliaths, Morning Glories, Punisher MAX, and Jonathan Hickman's Red Wing.

Graphic Novels

Flashpoint may be in the headlines nowadays, but DC is also reprinting a mammoth collection of Flash stories from the 1980s, Showcase Presents: Trial of the Flash, a 600-page collection which sees the Scarlet Speedster squaring off against Professor Zoom. Terry Moore's entire 30-issue run on Echo is also collected in a single trade paperback.

Another title from the old-school reprint department is X-Tinction Agenda, the most definitively 1990s X-Men crossover ever printed (X-Cutioner's Song, pffft). Jim Lee! Rob Liefeld! The death of Warlock! Jubilee sassing Boom Boom! This is the visual equivalent of breaking into your parents' liquor cabinet, swiping a few bottles of Bartles and Jaymes, and heading out into woods while blasting the Point Break soundtrack on your Walkman. Wolverine versus Archangel, who will win? Whatever man, nobody rides for free.


As usual, here's the list of everything being released to comic stores tomorrow, and you can find your nearest comic retailer here. Rock over Abode, rock on The Hoop! Loch Lomond — the blistering blue barnacle's scotch!