WELL MET BY MOONSLIGHT | "Empire Falls" by *kire1987 on DeviantArt

Chainmail Bikinis and Warhammer 40K Inquisitors: The Coolest Cosplay from GenCon 2011!

GenCon 2011 was a mass of costumes from every area of pop culture. Video games, movies, anime, RPGs, and comic characters brushed shoulders with tens of thousands of attendees. More »

How You Did In Predicting the Summer's Box Office Hits and Misses

This summer was like a battlefield of awesomeness, with a larger-than-average slew of superhero movies, action movies and escapist fare. Some films emerged victorious, while others fell by the wayside. More »

So wait. Is there really a Dark Knight Rises backlash?

The phrase "benefit of the doubt" was pretty much invented for Christopher Nolan, but that won't stop people second-guessing. Apparently, there's been some concern that the early glimpses of The Dark Knight Rises aren't bringing the level of awesome everyone expects. More »

A test for multiple universes finds four . . . maybe

Multiple universes are accessed, in fiction, through portals in space or mystical necklaces or sometimes just in dreams, but always when characters break the rules of space time. More »

Falling Skies‘ Big Cliffhanger: the Ultimate WTF

We pretty much knew that Falling Skies was going to end with some kind of game-changing cliffhanger - it's in the nature of this kind of show, plus the final episodes were clearly leading up to it. But we definitely did not expect that. More »

Three Potential New Dwarf Planets Discovered Near Pluto

The Kuiper Belt, the vast asteroid belt of ice and rock that lies beyond Neptune, is home to three objects big enough to be considered dwarf planets: Haumea, Makemake, and our old friend Pluto. More »

Shark discovered in the woods of New Hampshire, sadly not being an apex predator

Another day, another weird dead creature discovered by the side of the road. Last Thursday, a Milton, New Hampshire man found a dead shark in the forest, miles from the ocean. More »

That time Penthouse published a science fiction issue

Readers of Penthouse magazine were treated to a special "Science and the Future" issue in October of 1978, which acted as a sort of coming out party for OMNI magazine. More »

A Marvel Comics superhero will appear with Nathan Fillion on Castle

Here's an curious byproduct of Disney's acquisition of Marvel. We knew that Marvel was publishing a Castle comic book, but on the next season of ABC's mystery comedy, novelist Rick Castle (Fillion) will encounter a Marvel superhero. More »

True Blood tells you to Go Silver Yourself

Dear vampire God, last night's True Blood was a whole lotta nothing for a long damn time. There were about 45 minutes of important vampire meetings and then five minutes of vampire screaming into the wind. But let's break it down pro/con style, shall we? More »

Thin belt of antimatter discovered above Earth

Cosmic rays bring our planet a steady stream of protons, electrons, and other particles. As these collide with nuclei in the upper atmosphere, they create new particles, including antiprotons. More »

Banana-hiding weasels are the rare animals that know about the future

The fact that the future exists is second nature to us, but few animals share our awareness of events yet to happen. So let's meet the tayra, the first animal outside primates and birds to plan for the future. More »

This is why you're hot

The US has entered the 34th day of a crippling heat wave, with no sign of relief in sight. According to the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC), July's broiling temperatures affected close to 200 million Americans, and set 2,755 daily-high records across the country. More »

Machine Man is the cyborg novel you've been waiting for

It's become sort of a cliché to talk about superpowers as being like disabilities. Half the superhero stories of the past half-decade have played with that idea. More »

If this Doctor Who trailer doesn't make you catch your breath, you might be a Sontaran

It's hard to believe a stetson hat could make you swallow a bit with terror and apprehension - but this new Doctor Who trailer accomplishes that feat. More »