Check out this totally fake, but still incredibly awesome, promo for a Batgirl animated series that aired during Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Doesn't it make you want to see a CG Batgirl for real?

In the latest episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, titled "Mitefall!", Bat-Mite (the voice of the fans) was complaining about how Batman was getting repetitive, and started scheming of ways to tank his series, so corporate would have to rebuild the entire franchise in a darker, more Christopher Nolan-inspired manner. Somewhere in the midst of his madness, a fake trailer for a CG Batgirl series appeared.

Folks on the message boards are claiming that this little video is taking a jab at DC over the recent controversy surrounding the lack of female comics creators and the treatment of female characters. Rumormongers point to the timing: this CG-animated easter egg appeared right after the cosplaying Batgirl kerfuffle at Comic Con.

Still, we're not so sure it that this CG promo could be created so quickly, between Comic Con and August 4th (which is when it aired in the UK). But one thing we do know, for absolute certain is we'd adore a Batgirl CG series. What do you think: sticking it to "the man," or lucky coincidence?