WEEKEND ROUNDUP: 8/6 -8/4 | Roberto Gomes' "How to get into Mordor," which was inspired by this GIF. (Via Rampaged Reality)

The webcomic Let's Be Friends Again pokes superhero comics in the eye

Let's Be Friends Again is a webcomic that knows superhero comics deserve a good ribbing every now and then. This gag comic playfully pokes at the latest news from the mainstream comics industry, superhero movies, and more. More »

Watch Terry Gilliam create surreal animation by hand in the 1970s

In this charming clip from the 1974 BBC children's program the Do-It-Yourself Animation Show, Monty Python luminary Terry Gilliam explains how he makes his famously bizarro animations. Mildly NSFW for blink-and-you'll-miss-it snippets of collage nudity. More »

Why superheroes and romance novels don't mix

I recently began working on an erotic novel based on the XXX-ploits of Gambit a.k.a. Remy LaBeau a.k.a. the X-Men's resident Cajun casanova. Unfortunately, certain narrative deadfalls endemic to superhero storytelling prevented me from getting past the opening chapters of my book, Gumbosexuelle: The Case of The Quivering Quarterstaff. More »

In Japan, politicians can apparently get away with Dragonball Z cosplay

In America, politicians plus whimsical costumes tend to equal "ill-advised career move." But in Japan, cosplay is just one of those staples of existence, nobody gives a fig. More »

Minimalist posters from the Marvel Universe

Superhero movies may be filled with flashy visuals and CGI, but Marko Manev offers an antidote with his stripped down, distressed posters, which focus in on the core visuals of Marvel superheroes and villains. More »

Thatcherization: the art of mutating Margaret Thatcher's face to mess with the human brain

Thatcherization (or Thatcherisation if you're English) is the strange way in which people don't notice massively distorted faces, as long as they're upside down. Thatcherization received its name when its discoverer, Peter Thompson, demonstrated the phenomenon using a picture of Margaret Thatcher. More »

Banana-hiding weasels are the rare animals that know about the future

The fact that the future exists is second nature to us, but few animals share our awareness of events yet to happen. So let's meet the tayra, the first animal outside primates and birds to plan for the future. More »

How a Stormtrooper helmet is made, from start to finish

Andrew Ainsworth designed the original Stormtrooper helmet (and recently won a case against George Lucas to sell reproductions of said helmet in the U.K.). Here's a 13-minute video of Ainsworth building a mask — watch as it's transformed from an unassuming hunk of plastic to decorative headgear for Imperial cannon fodder. More »

Thin belt of antimatter discovered above Earth

Cosmic rays bring our planet a steady stream of protons, electrons, and other particles. As these collide with nuclei in the upper atmosphere, they create new particles, including antiprotons. And some of this antimatter is sticking around above our world, More »

Chupacabra-like roadkill flummoxes Minnesota town

The mowed-down remains of a small white mammal have captured the imaginations of residents of Douglas County, Minnesota. Although the creature resembles a badger, its tail has left wildlife officals perplexed. Could we be looking at the Montauk Monster Midwest? More »

Here's some of the litter we're leaving on Mars

Yes, it's proof of intelligence life on Mars - the only problem is that it's just some of our old crap. Specifically, it's the heat shield jettisoned by the Opportunity rover when it landed on Mars a few years back. More »

A Marvel Comics superhero will appear with Nathan Fillion on Castle

Here's an curious byproduct of Disney's acquisition of Marvel. We knew that Marvel was publishing a Castle comic book, but on the next season of ABC's mystery comedy, novelist Rick Castle (Fillion) will encounter a Marvel superhero. But who is it? More »

Torchwood ensures you'll never think about Death Panels the same way again

The latest episode of Torchwood twisted the knife so much, it practically got a wrist cramp. All of the discussions about healthcare in previous episodes culminated in a scene of almost unbearable horror, laced with irony. All of the theoretical conversations turned horribly concrete. More »

Bollywood Dracula = Dracula + better soundtrack + no budget + insanity

In director/producer/titular vampire Harinam Singh's 1992 no-budget horror flick Khooni Dracula, the vampire lord lives in India and sleeps in the forest. Because his face looks like a smushed birthday cake, I'm guessing that's why his eyes turn into candles when he glamours his victims. More »

5000-year-old carving depicts Egypt's earliest known pharaoh

The pharaohs ruled Egypt for over three thousand years, and the story of the very last pharaoh - you might know her as Cleopatra - is famous to this day. But what about the very first pharaohs? More »