The mowed-down remains of a small white mammal have captured the imaginations of residents of Douglas County, Minnesota. Although the creature resembles a badger, its tail has left wildlife officals perplexed. Could we be looking at the Montauk Monster Midwest?

Says KSAX:

D.N.R. Area Wildlife Supervisor Kevin Kotts said Friday that after examining the remains, there are no clear signs of it not being a badger, however its longer tail is inconsistent with badgers he has seen [...] He said he expects fur trappers who have more experience with local mammals to examine the carcass in the near future. Kotts said the animal was taken to the Glenwood D.N.R. office and it has since been frozen.

Kotts said the D.N.R. is considering burying the carcass to allow it to further decompose to aide the identification process, but wants to avoid any possible interference with dogs and is concerned its pungent smell may linger nearby.

With rumors of the chupacabra making inroads in such northern climes as Siberia, it looks like we're dealing with some invasive species of Articabra. Regional wildlife officials will inevitably have to intervene when these creatures begin to encroach on Canada's Wendigo reserves. Could this be the smoking gun former sexual Tyrannosaurus Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura is searching for?

Via KSAX. Top photo via the KSAX Tumblr. Hat tip to Jabber!