GenCon 2011 was a mass of costumes from every area of pop culture. Video games, movies, anime, RPGs, and comic characters brushed shoulders with tens of thousands of attendees.

While there were a few definite trends (Steampunk, Homestuck, schoolgirls, kilts), it was impossible to capture more than a fraction of the awesome cosplayers. Here are some of our favorite costumes from this year.

Chainmail bikini, fantastic for protection!

Check out this the incredible Old Man Link.

There was actually a guy in this Dalek.

Don't blink...

Steampunk was just about everywhere this year!

Some Warhammer 40k players, I believe.

Auron from Final Fantasy X

Sith cheerleaders

The Homestuck trolls

David Bowie goblin king

A Master Chief takes a break

A sandperson

A pair of Pyramid Heads

The host of the Glitter Guild burlesque, MsPixy as Slave Leia. This entire show — burlesque, boylesque, comediennes and a magician — were uproariously funny, and the crowd adored them.

Lola Getz does a Highlander burlesque, of the Glitter Guild.

A Firefly burlesque, though I feel horrible for not remembering this performer's stage name.

Lion-O, as performed by Bazuka Joe. He was popular with the ladies.

Yes, that is Viva La Muerte as Cthulhu!

Katie Angel as a Klingon.

There were random encounters!

Lula Houp-Garou did an incredible hoop dance tribute to Birds

A member of Angel Burlesque

Morpheus and Lion-O were very popular.

Make mine Marvel!

A Star Wars pack.

Old Man Logan and Spider-Girl


This zombie was working the D&D booth, and looked incredible.

More Homestuck trolls (and the world's creepiest mannequin)

War is hell.

Black Widow.

Solid Snake, and I have no idea which anime character the pouty lady on the left is. Anyone from the audience? UPDATE: Sarah from FFXIII! Thanks for the info, folks!

Plague doctors.

Honestly, I have no idea. UPDATE: The Red Robot/Kanti from FLCL

This entire family was dressed up

Terra from Final Fantasy VI

This guy had an incredible proton pack, with lights and all.


The Devil playing Settlers of Catan

A couple of Captain Americas

Man-Alice and Lady-Mad Hatter

White Queen/Emma Frost

These guys were a bunch of Warhammer 40k inquisitors, who were loudly going around denouncing heretics.


I don't know if these two were anything specific, but I loved the look on her face.

A smattering of Final Fantasy characters.

Little dude Samus

Golden Age Catwoman

Not really sure, but they were rocking it!

Yip-Yip aliens from Sesame Street

A Steampunk family

Mass Effect cosplayers


Steampunk cellphone checking.

The youngest Eleventh Doctor and Amy cosplayers

Squirrel Girl

Dr Horrible and Spike

Eldar character from 40k

A couple of Final Fantasy IX characters, a title often neglected at cons.


Black Canary, Catwoman, Nightwing, and Poison Ivy. So, Gotham City Sirens?

Drunk and sleazy Tony Stark

Dude Chell

Magneto and Mystique

These crazy kids were a living Nyan Cat, running around with the looped music playing alongside.

Red Link was rocking out on the ocarina, and knew all of the tunes from OoT.