Rise of the Planet of the Apes is a surprise contender for best movie of the summer

Rise of the Planet of the Apes, in theaters today, is like an episode of classic Star Trek. Sometimes it feels like B-grade scifi, complete with scenery-chewing, but more often it tells an intelligent, compassionate story you won't soon forget. More »

Planet of the Apes: A Timeline and An Explanation

Rise of the Planet of the Apes hits theaters this Friday with a moving tale of genetically-altered apes who achieve human-level intelligence. But how does this film fit into the complicated time-travel tangles of the 40-year-old franchise? More »

Planet of the Apes‘ Andy Serkis exposes the hypocrisy of expecting intelligent apes to be more "human"

The big standout performance in Rise of the Planet of the Apes isn't James Franco or John Lithgow - instead, everybody's buzzing about Andy Serkis' brilliant motion-capture acting as the ape, Caesar. More »

What your favorite Planet of the Apes movie says about you

With the seventh addition to the Planet of the Apes franchise around the corner, it's time to take a minute and revisit the original Apes films. Which one is your favorite? More »

Yes, they really made a Planet of the Apes porn movie. [NSFW]

At least Playmate of the Apes is better than the Tim Burton Apes movie. (Not that that's saying much.) This movie is obscene in every sense of the word - although don't worry, there's no actual bestiality. More »

Portraits From the Steampunk Planet of the Apes

Chet Phillips imagines an alternate Victorian Era that's not only filled with rayguns and steam-powered contraptions, but also shows that technology being operated by furry-faced monkeys. More »

Should we create animals with human-like intelligence?

Should apes and other animals accompany humans on their path to transcending biological limitations? Many scientists and philosophers say no. But futurist George Dvorsky has published a thought-provoking article championing animal enhancement, arguing that the opportunity to do so represents a bioethical imperative. More »

Failure of the Planet of the Apes Hypothesis

Charley Lineweaver, a scientist with the SETI Institute, argued today that pure human vanity, not scientific evidence, leads us to believe that if humans were wiped off the face of the Earth some other species (probably an ape of some kind) would rise to fill the "intelligence niche" that we Homo sapiens currently occupy. More »

The closest we'll ever get to the Planet of the Apes musical from The Simpsons

Someday, someone will make The Simpsons' Planet of the Apes musical - but until then, watch as composer/actor Paul Williams serenades the Tonight Show crowd in his full Battle for the Planet of the Apes orangutan suit. More »

Planet of the Apes concept art shows the brutal weapons of the ape uprising

See the Rise of the Planet of the Apes unfold, with this exclusive look inside the world of ape revolutionary Caesar. Check out our amazing collection of concept art from the film, and see the world from Caesar's POV. More »

10 Stories About "Uplifted" Animals Who Gain Human Intelligence

This Friday Rise of the Planet of the Apes hits theaters with its story of a lab ape named Caesar, "uplifted" to human intelligence by scientists, who leads a revolution against humanity. More »

Is Rise of the Planet of the Apes anti-science?

You could easily interpret the new Planet of the Apes movie as being an anti-science diatribe - since it's about foolish humans meddling with biology, causing a new race of super-intelligent apes to emerge. More »

Man hands ape an AK-47. Hilarity and/or death ensues!

Here's an exclusive first look at the latest Planet of the Apes viral video. It's a pretty fantastic "uncovered scientific study" of a chimp shooting an AK-47 at a pack of idiotic dudes. Never give a monkey a loaded gun! More »