Let's Be Friends Again is a webcomic that knows superhero comics deserve a good ribbing every now and then. This gag comic playfully pokes at the latest news from the mainstream comics industry, superhero movies, and more.

There are a lot of webcomics that comment on geek culture and superhero comics in particular, but writer Curt Franklin and artist Chris Haley tackle their subjects with a particular affection. Let's Be Friends Again sometimes expresses their frustration with the comics industry and pulls apart more absurd moments in superhero comics, but they manage to keep the tone of their comic warm rather than mean-spirited. And though they sprinkle the dick jokes liberally throughout, they leave room for the occasional note of tenderness, such as their recent take on the new Ultimate Spider-Man.


Franklin and Haley also understand that superhero comics are a useful lens for viewing the world in which they live. They cast an intelligent eye toward steroids in professional sports, the Wisconsin union battle, a probable new addition to the Endless, and the possible real-life source of Dr. Doom's monologues.

In addition to their own comic, Franklin and Haley also make comics for ComicsAlliance, where they outline the history of various superheroes in just eight panels.

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