This is the summer of superheroes. Colorful costumes and strange powers have never been more awesome — but it's still worth asking: what could make superheroes even better? How about if they were cats?

Think about it: the secret identity thing would be so much easier. Nobody would ever recognize a cat once he or she had taken off the costume. And cats can already control our minds and they own the internet, so adding a few more superpowers doesn't seem that much of a stretch. Here's our favorite art featuring cats in superhero costumes!

Top image: Catclops by Rogan Josh via Topless Robot

Cyclopticat by David Petersen via ifanboy

Luke Cage, Purrr Cat by Evan "Doc" Shaner via Agent M Loves Tacos

Doctor Strange kitty by Adam Koford via Agent M Loves Tacos

Meowvel vs Catcom 3 by suzuran at deviantART

Supercat by CandyApple10 at deviantART

Spider-Cat by Chad Sugg at deviantART

My Cat As Wolverine by Chad Sugg at deviantART

My Cat as Batman by Chad Sugg at deviantART

supercat id by shirei at deviantART

Spencer Prouty Scabby by Pets Are Superheroes

Supercat by Anna Harris at deviantART

Kitty Von Doom by Stephen Wittmaak via Topless Robot

Spider-Cat by Chris Eliopoulos via Topless Robot

Kytstique by Amy Mebberson via Topless Robot

Pussy Widow and Iron Cat by Mark Brooks via Topless Robot

Ghost Rider Kitty by Matthew Warlick via Topless Robot

The Catastic 4 by Mike Maihack via Topless Robot

Cat Knight by Ilmari Kumpunen at deviantART

Spiderkitty by the Nerdette

Green Lantern Cat by the Nerdette

Catvengers Assemble by Mike Maihack at deviantART

Supercat by Michelle Melcher

Spidercat by Katie Cook

Galactus Cat by Katie Cook

Cat Rogue by Katie Cook

supercat by Lora8 at deviantART

supercat by alisapyra at deviantART

Super Cat Illustration by Alexander Koste

Supercat by Bubblefriends

Batcat Shirt from The Oatmeal

Meowjo and Catverine by Chris Eliopoulos via Agent M Loves Tacos

Ghost Kitty Rider by Skottie Young via Agent M Loves Tacos

Kitty-Thing by Tyler Shepard via Agent M Loves Tacos

Cat Gambit by Hailstone at deviantART

The Meowty Thor by Lar de Souza via ifanboy

Daredevil Kitty by Lar de Souza via Forbidden Planet

Catlactus by Doug Hills via ifanboy

Ant-Cat by Talon Jennings

Black Cat by Rose

Spider by Rose

Powerman by Ryan King

Elektra by Ryan King

Banshee aka Sean Catsidy by Clayton Cowles via Agent M Loves Tacos

Cat-man America by Chris Eliopoulos via Agent M Loves Tacos

Venom Kitty by Skottie Young via Comics Alliance

Catstrictor by Brion Salazar