If you want to create unforgettable dreamlike images of fairies, dragons and other fantasy creatures, maybe it helps to have a background in science. Bluefooted, aka Erin, has a PhD in biology, and her work has an astounding vividness.

We came across one of her online galleries the other day, and we were totally blown away by her brilliant illustrations, especially the strong lines and the gorgeous use of color. Her creatures feel totally real and astonishingly bright. Here are just some of our many favorites among her work — but be aware the last couple images might be NSFW.


If you want to see more of her fantastic art, check out her galleries at ConceptArt, Gorilla Artfare, and DeviantArt.


Queen Mab

Pool of Tears

The Wolfman


Creature #2. It eats dust.

Light Bringer

Nyx Draws Her Cloak

The Plague

Creature of the Week 83: Cupid's Pet (from ConceptArt challenge.)


Alice and the Gryphon

The Deep

The Nightmare Eater

The Bitter End


Titania (updated)