Betwixt and between the hubbub of Comic-Con, we were lucky enough to have a quick chat with the MVP of DIY media, Felicia Day, who gave us a purview of her many projects and roles coming up over the horizon.

What can we anticipate from The Guild now that it's back?

We have a huge convention season, my homage to all the conventions that have literally built The Guild from the ground up.


Now that you're with Eureka this season, where can see you relationship with Fargo going?

I've been working on it constantly, you'll see really quite the dynamic between Fargo and Dr. Parrish, as well as a really awesome storyline that will see them going into space.

Will you be going into space?

Can't tell you! But it's amazing to be part of the Eureka cast. They wrote this part specifically for me because of my work on The Guild. I didn't audition for it — it was kind of a Cinderella story for me to have a role that I love playing. I love the cast and the crew, it feels like a family.


In the footage for Dragon Age, we see you taking zero guff from anyone. What was your training regimen like for that role?

I'd train three to four hours a day for a couple of months at the same I was doing Eureka, pre-production for Dragon Age, and the outline for The Guild. It was a very intense year. But I also have some other things I've been writing. We're looking at a couple more Guild opportunities with Dark Horse Comics too, but whatever I can do with them, whether The Guild or something, would be great. The learning curve for comics was steep for me and I don't want to let that go.

You've achieved widespread renown through digital means — like Twitter and web series — that were unknown just decades prior. Have you ever meditated on being a technocelebrity?

I hope I'm not a celebrity. I guess I'm an object of interest! I've achieved this through every click, doing things a different way. It's why I haven't jumped into TV development — I would've made a lot more money by now if I had written a pilot — but at this point I'm really gratified to do what I do, and hopefully it opens doors for other creators to do what they do.