LAUNCH ALL FIGHTERS | A valiant battle takes place just outside the nearest planet's gravity well. Concept art by Paper Blue.

True Blood is taking care of business…VAMPIRE BUSINESS

Let's get right on down to vampire business, shall we? Last night's True Blood had a lot of good...and a lot of bad. I'm specifically talking about the manner in which my 4-year sex fantasy on Eric Northman was crushed with soft woodland cuddling. But let's break it down, Pro/Con style. More »

How Batgirl took on DC Comics: the anatomy of a PR crisis

Most Comic-Con news arrives courtesy of press releases and carefully choreographed unveilings at panels. But this year, one of the most surprising Con stories of 2011 came out of that democratic staple of Con life: the question and answer session. More »

You can actually watch Neil Patrick Harris' soul being eaten in The Smurfs

The Smurfs is a seemingly endless nightmare in which leering blue monsters shill toys, and help Neil Patrick Harris become a better marketer. It's a film about how marketing is awesome, and how people can eventually get used to even the most annoying jingle. More »

Coin tosses don't really give you fifty-fifty odds

The coin toss, the great equalizer of all odds, is not as random as it seems. When flipped by a human being, the odds are slightly stacked towards one side. More »

The physics of crop circles are deeply weird…and entirely human

There's no reason to think that crop circles are the work of aliens - particularly when human pranksters have already admitted to making them - but they're still mysterious. More »

Is everything bad that happens on Torchwood Captain Jack's fault? We asked John Barrowman!

Is Captain Jack Harkness the secret villain of Torchwood? The formerly immortal time hustler certainly seems to have a nearly limitless dark past. But actor John Barrowman insists that Captain Jack always aims to do the right thing. More »

Your synthetic spine is (almost) ready

For people who suffer chronic back pain from degenerated or diseased spinal discs, there are few options. Surgeons can implant a plastic or metal spinal disc to replace your damaged one. More »

Why the Haters are Wrong about Falling Skies

Falling Skies started out as an admittedly cheesy show about lovable people surviving the aftermath of an alien invasion. But it's grown into something a bit more interesting, and last night's episode showcased a lot of what's good about it. More »

Puerto Rico's living Graft Tower could one day house and feed you

It may look like the human battery farm from The Matrix, but the Graft Tower is actually a "parametric-designed eco-hotel and vertical farm," which includes plant material growing inside its structure and creates ethanol through natural processes. More »

Watch Samuel L. Jackson kidnap young men and make them fight to the death!

Behold the awesome schlocky madness that is Arena - it's like Death Race minus the cars, set in virtual reality! Samuel L. Jackson plays a devious head of a death website, which kidnaps firefighters and soldiers for their death match webcasts! More »

Will we ever see an Avengers/Buffy crossover comic? Joss Whedon drops knowledge

At Comic-Con 2011, we had the good fortune to pick Joss Whedon's brain not once, but twice. After chatting about all things Avengers, Joss gave us a rundown of Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season Nine. More »

New Prometheus images provide a terrifying reminder of the original Alien

Can't wait for more of Ridley Scott's terrifying Prometheus Comic-Con teaser? Well wait no longer - a few images from the new footage have leaked out, channeling the gloomy halls of the Nostromo and showing off cast members Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron and Idris Elba. More »

10 Stories About "Uplifted" Animals Who Gain Human Intelligence

This Friday Rise of the Planet of the Apes hits theaters with its story of a lab ape named Caesar, "uplifted" to human intelligence by scientists, who leads a revolution against humanity. But he's hardly the first brain-augmented creature to question human values. Here are ten great stories of animal uplift and its consequences. More »

The beautiful animated short Eyrie will make you a better person

Wrap your weekend up with a great little short with a twist that will teach as all a little bit more about patience, kindness, and sheep herding. More »

Profoundly stupid carjacker blames his crime on The Dark Knight Rises

Pittsburgh was plunged into a Tinseltown tizzy yesterday when The Dark Knight Rises dropped by to film some fight scenes. Unfortunately, the shoot also brought out the city's criminal lot, which was less cowardly and superstitious and more unlucky and dumb. More »