Yesterday in Pittsburgh, Tom Hardy braved the summer heat wearing his full Bane get-up to deliver a speech to some bad guys. Also, some new camouflage Batmobiles rolled down the street. Warning: spoilers and supervillain fashion galore!

According to an on-set tipster who was in at the filming yesterday, Bane freed a bunch of inmates from Blackgate Prison and delivered (presumably) an anti-Batman screed:

First scene: small explosion releasing horde of prisoners from the SEI Building (their prison), Bane gives a speech, holds up a photograph, tears it up to applause.

Second scene: horde of prisoners, carrying automatic weapons, yell and charge down the street. Followed by two Tumblers, painted tan and brown (same paintjob as the Batmobile before it was painted black in Batman Begins.) Bane is riding the one in the front, wearing his mask and a large winter coat.

Check out photos of Bane's costume and the jailbreak in the gallery. Is this Bane's ploy to draw out the Bat? I'm not exactly opposed to the luchador pimp look, but if Bane truly wanted to inspire confidence in his new army, he'd wear a nice mesh shirt on a breezy day. Glamour muscles win the crowd! Also, I'm guessing that Bane is a big fan of straws.

[Photos via Just Jared. Videos via SubaruWRXfan via CBM here and here. Thanks Zach!]