WEEKLY ROUNDUP: 7/24 - 7/30 | A scene from the ridiculously cool 1979 Alien graphic novel. Art by Walt Simonson.

Cowboys & Aliens will show you action like you've never seen it before

Summer science fiction movies are about spectacle. Gods channel lightning; robots deconstruct themselves in gleaming slivers of computer-generated light. More »

Attack the Block makes fighting aliens cool again

The British movie Attack the Block is so good, it puts almost all other movies to shame. It's a fantastic action flick. It's a brilliant character study. More »

The Lost City of Pompeii: Pictures of an Alien World, Frozen in Time

In the year 79 AD, Italy's Mt. Vesuvius erupted with superheated ash that rained fiery death on several Roman cities nearby. But none was hit harder than vacation town Pompeii, which was buried in a thick layer of broiling ash in a matter of seconds. More »

Dolphins are among the rare mammals who can see electricity

Not only do dolphins have insane healing powers, but it turns out that they're the only mammals who can detect electrical fields. More »

The secret history of the greatest Thor stories ever written

At Comic-Con, io9 had a nice long talk with Walt Simonson, the man responsible for the defining run on The Mighty Thor in the 1980s (indeed, Simonson's tenure on the comic was a big influence on this summer's Thor movie). More »

The best cosplay of Comic-Con 2011

And now, the moment you've been waiting for. The very best cosplay we saw last weekend at Comic-Con. The people who bring the most joy to the Con floor are most definitely the cosplayers who wear their passions on their sleeves (and the rest of their bodies). More »

TARDIS Burritos and Twilight Spaz Bags: Comic-Con Radvertising

Yesterday we showed you the biggest ad fails at Comic-Con. But now it's time to talk about the very best of the Comic-Con advertising onslaught. Check out our gallery. More »

Why Joss Whedon almost didn't take on The Avengers

Rumor has it, some folks have claimed that Joss Whedon isn't macho enough to direct The Avengers. Whedon has a few words for these naysayers, which we captured on camera. More »

Biologist says cancers might actually be newly-evolved species inside your body

We think of cancer as a disease, a form of runaway cell growth within an organism. But we might not have realized what cancers really are: separate, brand new parasitic species that evolve from and prey upon their human hosts. More »

Catwoman's Massage Booth and Playboy Supergirls: Comic-Con Badvertising

There's advertising - and then there's badvertising, promotions so awful they make you cringe. We saw a lot of the latter at Comic-Con 2011. We've rounded up the best of the worst advertisements, for your enjoyment. More »

Did warfare fuel the birth of advanced civilization?

For six centuries beginning around 500 BCE, ancient Peru was ravaged by nearly constant war. But the end result might almost have been worth it: that war seems to have been the driving force for the region's first complex civilization. More »

The Large Hadron Collider is tantalizingly close to finding the Higgs Boson

Once again, there's excitement in the physics community about the possible discovery of the Higgs boson. But this time, it's multiple discoveries...both experiments at the Large Hadron Collider have detected some intriguing possibilities, as has Fermilab's Tevatron. More »