ASSYMETRICAL COMBAT | Great War, by Alan Gutierrez.

Matt Smith explains why Doctor Who's darkest hour is yet to come

Doctor Who shook up its entire universe by revealing the truth about River Song - and then left us hanging all summer. How will River Song shape the Doctor's future? We asked Matt Smith. We were lucky enough to have five minutes with the Doctor Who star, who told us what to expect from this fall's episodes More »

Which of these fake monsters could fool you?

All summer, io9 is offering a bounty to anyone who can find a genuine cryptid, or mystery animal. But to keep you amused in the meantime, we're doing a contest for who can create the best fake cryptid. More »

The best cosplay of Comic-Con 2011

And now, the moment you've been waiting for. The very best cosplay we saw last weekend at Comic-Con. The people who bring the most joy to the Con floor are most definitely the cosplayers who wear their passions on their sleeves (and the rest of their bodies). More »

Watch Harrison Ford's epic reunion with Chewbacca, it will give you chills

Old wounds are opened as Harrison Ford loses his shit on Chewbacca behind the scenes, on Jimmy Kimmel Live. So this is what awesome is made of. More »

How crazy is Greek god adventure The Immortals going to get?

Tarsem Singh's greased-up Greek god action flick Immortals looks like the sexiest take on Greek mythology yet - and leading lady Freida Pinto tells us that it gets pretty intense. More »

Why Knights of Badassdom is the ultimate adventure movie

We recently talked to Knights of Badassdom director Joe Lynch, who showed us new footage from his LARPing-meets-demons movie. He explained why this movie avoids CGI, what genre this is, and why this is the most authentic LARPing movie ever. More »

Can helium use the Colbert Bump to survive past 2020?

On last night's Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert talked about helium and its surprising disappearance from the Earth. Despite being the second most abundant element in the universe, helium is quickly being depleted on Earth, and will soon be lost forever. More »

Why Attack the Block Really is The Wire With Aliens

It's hard to define the brilliant British alien-chase movie Attack The Block in one line, but we've been calling it The Wire with aliens for some time now. More »

Horrify your friends by racing down the street on this Alien Xenomorph motorcycle

Artist Roon­gro­jna Sang­wong­pris­arn made this incredible Alien motorcycle out of spare parts and scrap in a Bangkok garage. And it actually goes! More »

Why Patrick Duffy is Writing 3 Man From Atlantis Novels

Patrick Duffy is best known as Bobby Ewing on Dallas, the plucky hero who resurrected by stepping out of the shower. But he actually got his start on another show, The Man From Atlantis, about an amphibian superhero. More »

A simple physics demonstration that shows why science still sometimes seems like magic

In this simple demonstration of how waves work, a Harvard instructor shows how a group of pendulums can move through a complicated dance together - due entirely to the way each pendulum oscillates at a different rate. More »

10 Quotes that Prove Guillermo del Toro is the Most Outrageous Horror Director Alive

Guillermo del Toro isn't just one of the great directors of horror and fantasy - he's also an uncompromising visionary, who calls it likes he sees it. More »

New Hunger Games pics want to make it clear, Peeta is a SUPER SEXY baker

A whole crop of new Hunger Games photos have been released and while Gale Hawthorne is looking fly as hell, Peeta Mellark's "sexy baker" photoshoot is leaving us a little worried. More »

What's so scandalous about a naked singularity?

The centers of black holes are among the strangest places in the universe - so strange that current physics can't even describe them. Could these singularities be found out in the open? More »