The shiniest things we saw at Comic-Con 2011

For four full days, we soaked in the crazy, creative awesomeness that was Comic-Con over the weekend, basking in the glow of cinematic pyrotechnics, mind-grabbing stories, and breathtaking art. More »

Why Joss Whedon almost didn't take on The Avengers

Rumor has it, some folks have claimed that Joss Whedon isn't macho enough to direct The Avengers. Whedon has a few words for these naysayers, which we captured on camera - along with Whedon's reasons for taking on this project. More »

Earth's first known Trojan asteroid follows our orbit like a second Earth

Trojan asteroids are objects that share a planet's orbit around the Sun but reside in what are basically gravitational dead zones. We've discovered Earth's first Trojan asteroid...but how did it get there, and why have we only just found it? More »

TARDIS Burritos and Twilight Spaz Bags: Comic-Con Radvertising

Yesterday we showed you the biggest ad fails at Comic-Con. But now it's time to talk about the very best of the Comic-Con advertising onslaught. Check out our gallery. More »

10 scifi and fantasy characters who believe that two heads are better than one

Plenty of fictional folks have an extra sentient cranium lying around - just not all of them have said heads attached to their auxiliary necks. Here are 10 fellows who require multiple nacho hats at tailgating parties. More »

Robert Rodriguez shares concept art from his very naked Frank Frazetta-inspired flick

The next movie for Robert Rodriguez was inspired by an artist known for his sexy, wild fantasy art, Frank Frazetta. Here's a collection Frazetta-esque concept art for Rodriguez's new flick, titled Fire And Ice. More »

First trailer for the Battleship movie is like Transformers (but with battleships)

Hey look, it's the trailer for Peter Berg's Battleship movie! And there's nary a white or red peg in sight! Holy shit, there's a vampire on that boat! More »

The roads in North Dakota are giving people cancer

In Dunn County, North Dakota, the roads can kill you. In fact, anything you do to disturb rocks in the area, like driving or even sweeping, can kick up naturally-occurring particles that lodge in your body and give you a rare kind of lung cancer up to 30 years later. More »

Why Jon Favreau is glad he's not directing John Carter

Long ago, Cowboys & Aliens director Jon Favreau was slated to direct his own John Carter of Mars movie adaptation. Alas, the project was damned to development purgatory. More »

New experiment shows that time travel is even less likely than we thought

A recent experiment stomps on the dreams of many theoretical physicists, hopeful children, and Star Trek IV fans. After a series of tests that suggested we might discover a theoretical form of time travel, scientists hit a brick wall. More »

Frank Darabont stepping down as Walking Dead showrunner

Just days after he touted The Walking Dead's second season at Comic-Con, rumors are flying that showrunner Frank Darabont is stepping down as the head zombie-wrangler on AMC's hit undead series. More »